A colorful front door is one of the easiest and most effective ways people can update their home and boost curb appeal. But did you know that red front doors have cultural significance in many countries? The color red is full of symbolism. The color is associated with strong emotions on both sides, from love to anger. It’s a bold color choice for sure.


So if you’re thinking about painting your door red, you may be interested to know these symbolic facts around it.



In early American tradition, a front door that was read meant “welcome”. This meant that travelers that were passing by knew which homes they could turn to for a night’s rest and some meal. Red doors were also used to mark homes of the Underground Railroad so that any runaway slaves knew which homes were safe.



Red is a very important color in Chinese culture. It’s the color of luck! Chinese also believe in Feng Shui philosophy, where red doors play a big role. In Feng Shui, the front door is considered the mouth of the home. A red door is said to create welcoming energy.



In Scotland, having a red front door is a sign of pride. Homeowners paint their front doors red after they’ve paid off their mortgage! So having a red door signifies to other’s that you’re out of the red in terms of home loans. It started so that when people drove around a neighborhood they could easily tell which homes had paid off their mortgages.



Did you ever notice that Ireland is full of brightly colored doors? There’s a joke that this is so drunks know which home is theirs. The real reason stems from folklore and rebellion. Doors are painted red to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. But the tradition of bright colors doors came during the Victorian era. Irish civilians were ordered to paint their front doors black in honor of Queen Victoria passing. Instead, in an act of rebellion, they paint them bright colors like red!



Did you know red also has biblical roots? During biblical times a red door was symbolic protection against the Angel of Death. Some people link the red doors to the smears of lambs blood the Jews put across their doors for protection from the plagues. Even today, many Churches have red doors to signify this first Passover. It also represents sanctuary and safety! It’s also said that a red Church door is a reminder of the blood Jesus shed for us.