Picking the perfect paint color is a challenge. Even once you settle on a general color, there are still tons of options to choose from. From shades to tones, picking paint isn’t easy. Any interior designer or home builder will tell you that some colors are easier than other’s to find the perfect shade. Here are the hardest paint colors to work with!



It may surprise you to learn that white is one of the most challenging colors to work with. The reason why is because there are so many options! We often get asked for the perfect white, but unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. Surrounding color, paint undertones, and sun exposure heavily influences white paint. Mixing whites is even more of a challenge! That doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect white for your custom home, it just means you’ll have to look through tons to find the right one.



Blue is one of the most universally loved colors. It’s easy to design with, it’s calming, and it’s bold. Picking the right blue isn’t simple though. Dark blues like navy are easier, but bold or light blues are a bit more a challenge. Bright blues can be bold, but can easily overpower a room. Light blues have a tendency to lean “baby”, which is not the look most people want. Blue paints tend to work better when they’re mixed with another color, such as grey-blue or green-blue paints. The other colors tone down the intensity of this bold color.



Grey is both a simple and a challenging color to work with. Grey paints have undertones to them, usually yellow, green, red, or blues. The trick is finding a grey paint with the right undertone for your custom home. It’s also important to pick the right tone. Do you want a warm grey or a cool grey? Grey is easy to work with once you find the perfect shade, but getting to that stage isn’t easy.



Yellow is a very polarizing color. Some people love it while others can’t stand it. Yellow paint suffers from the same issues as blue. If it’s too bright it can be overpowering, too light and it reads childish. If you’re looking for a warm, bold yellow, it’s often better to go for a richer shade like a Mustard Yellow. For a softer, light yellow look for a slightly more sophisticated shade like an Ivory.