6 Things to Think About When Building a Forever Home- Sina Architectural Design


Building a custom home in Toronto is both expensive and time-consuming. For many of our clients, they want the home they’re building to be their last. Obviously, life can throw curveballs your way, but if you’re planning on building a forever home here are a few key tips to keep in mind!


Think About Growth

Depending on what stage of life you’re at, your family may grow in the future. If you’re thinking about expanding with more kids, make sure to plan on extra space of them. Do you want to get a pet in the future? Add special pet-friendly features in your custom home for them. Will your parents or in-laws be moving in as they age? An in-law suite will be the perfect place for them. When planning a forever home it’s important to plan for the future and any new members of the family that may come along.


Think About Age

When people build a forever home, they often plan on it being where they retire. This can create challenges as mobility can go as we age. A two-story house may be manageable now, but what happens when you can no longer use the stairs? It’s a good idea to make sure your floor plan can safely accommodate seniors.


Think About Accidents

In addition to growing old or expanding your family, think about how the home would function is someone had a medical emergency or accident. Is there a main floor bedroom that could be used? Is there a bathroom that is wheelchair accessible? Accidents happen, and while you obviously can’t plan for everything it’s a good idea to make sure your forever home can handle whatever life throws your way, within reason of course!


Think About Technology

These days smart homes are all the rage in custom home building. It can be tempting to put in every new gadget you can afford in your home. But that’s not always the best idea. Technology changes so rapidly today that you may find it’s outdated in only a few years. People these days are struggling to fit in their flat-screen TVs in build-ins and niches that were build for bulky TV of the past.


Think About Trends

The “trendy vs. timeless” debate in home design has been going on for years. We always encourage our custom home clients to build what they want and need in their home but keep in mind that just because you love a trend now doesn’t mean you always will. We recommend keeping trends limited to things that can easily be updated later on while staying classic with larger and more expensive elements.


Think About Resale

This is a hard pill that some people don’t want to swallow, but a forever home isn’t always for forever. Life has a way of making its own plans for us. There are tons of reasons you may end up having to sell your forever home: finances, job opportunity, medical reasons, and more. A custom home should be built to your wants and needs, but it is still always a smart idea to consider how certain things may impact resale value.