The kitchen is the heart of any home, and the kitchen sink is one of the most used appliances in most houses. Deciding where to place the kitchen sink can be a challenge. In recent years, custom home builders have seen an increase in island sinks, especially as open floor plans become more common. While this is a popular location, there are some downsides to it as well as advantages.


Pros of an Island Sink


Sight Lines

Island sinks have become popular for families with small children. It allows a parent to work in the kitchen while also keeping an eye on kids playing in the next room. This is why you’ll often find island sinks in open concept homes. Our custom home builders often get requests for this sink locations if there are kids in the family, especially if there is a living room or playroom within sight. That way parents can prep and clean without having to worry!



Traditionally, kitchen sinks were placed in front of a window facing outside so that the person working there could have something nice to look at. Not every home has the luxury of exterior windows though. If there a window sink isn’t an option, an island sink is a great way to still have a view. Facing another room is a much better option than staring at a wall!



In addition to island sinks being popular for families with children, people that love to entertain also like this location. It allows for hosts to prep and cleanup while still being apart of the action and conversation. Instead of having to turn your back on guests, you can join in!


Cons of an Island Sink


Cluttered View

While most people aim to keep their sinks clear of clutter, the reality is that most people have dishes in the sink or drying next to it during the day. This makes an island sink unpleasant. Having dishes, either dirty or clean, on display on your island can be a big turn off for many people.


Unpleasant for Gathering

Most people tend to gather in the kitchen, and the island becomes a popular place for people to congregate. Having the kitchen sink in the place where people hang out can be unpleasant though. No one wants to hang out by dirty dishes or where it’s wet. If your family or guests spend a lot of time at the island you may want to consider another sink location.


Eats Countertop Space

Countertop space is valuable in a custom home. The most used countertop space is beside the sink and stove. Islands are great because they can provide a large portion of uninterrupted countertop space for prepping, serving, and entertaining. Having a sink there interrupts that flow and eats into available countertop space for that.


No matter where you want to place your kitchen sink we’re here to help! Contact us today to get started building your dream custom home!