The Difference Between a Residential Developer and a Home Builder- Sina Architectural Design

When it comes to residential homes, there are a lot of people involved in creating them. Two roles that often get confused for one another are residential developers and home builders. They are pretty similar to each other, and it’s not uncommon for a builder to be a developer, but building and developing are two distinct tasks.


Developers develop and builders build. Here at Sina Architectural Design we offer both developing and building services so let us break down the differences between the two.


What is a Residential Developer?

Simply put, a residential developer is a person responsible for getting a lot ready to build on. They take the raw land, obtain all necessary permits, create lots, put in sewers, set up water and electrical lines, as well as create streets and curbs. Developers are the people that do all of the behind the scenes work needed before the actual home can begin building.


These days, most home builders will purchase finished lots or pads from a developer to build on. So if you’re looking to build a custom home from scratch, chances are you’re buying a developed residential lot. Developers hold on to the land a lot longer than builders as it takes a while to get through all of the red tape. Residential developers can work on single-family homes, entire neighborhoods, or even condo buildings.


What is a Home Builder?

Once a lot if prepped by a developer, a home builder steps in. A builder is responsible for physically building the home. They utilize the skills of an architect to design the house, but it’s up to them to see it built according to plan. This means lining up the required tradesmen, ordering building supplies, managing a construction crew, and ensuring everything is up to code.


Everything that has to do with the actual home is up to the home builder. A big difference between builders and developers is the amount of time they have the project. Development can take years, but builders tend to be in and out quickly.


Home Builder vs. Residential Developer

A big reason these two roles get confused is that it’s not uncommon for a builder to be a developer as well. At Sina Architectural Design we are residential developers, home builders, and offer architectural design services. That means we play the role of developer, builder, and architect! These roles all work together so it’s often beneficial to use a firm that offers all of these services.


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