There’s something breathtaking about a grand two-story foyer or a vast living room with high ceilings. Higher ceilings have tons of benefits, like making a home feel lighter and bigger. However, many people who opt for two-story rooms in their custom home begin to regret the decision when it comes time to decorate. Decorating tall walls is a common challenge, so our custom home builders have provided a few helpful tips.


Design at Eye Level

Sometimes the best way to design around a problem is to ignore it. With tall walls, many people make the mistake of placing decorations high up to try to fill the space. All this really does is draw the eye up, making the wall feel even bigger and more looming. Try decorating at eye level as you would any other wall. Not all of your wall space needs to be filled with décor, so just design what you can see.


Keep Scale in Mind

Scale is so important in design, especially once you start to get bigger. Nothing ruins a beautifully built custom home more than furniture that is too big for the space or artwork that is too small.  If you’re looking to decorate a big, two-story wall look for pieces that are large enough to actually fill the space. Artwork this big can be quite pricey, so consider that before opting for this design feature.


Don’t Over Clutter

Big artwork can be expensive, so people often make the mistake of filling the space with smaller pieces. This can sometimes work, but usually, it just results in the wall looking just as big but cluttered now. Less is more when it comes to decorating two-story walls. Keep pieces large and avoid just filling the wall space for the sake of filling it. If you want to use multiple pieces, make sure they’re still large enough to be the proper scale for the wall height.


Think Beyond Artwork

When it comes to decorating walls, many homeowners get stuck because they only consider artwork or wall décor. For two-story walls look beyond that. Consider adding some wood paneling or interesting wallpaper. Or, if it’s a grand foyer or living room, opt for a large light fixture that will fill the space without having to be on the walls.


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