When you go to buy a home, you’ll find there are lots of different options available. One of the first decisions to make is whether you want to buy a home another family has lived in, build your own dream custom home, or buy a new home from a developer. All have their merits, but here are a few benefits you get when you purchase from a real estate developer.


New Home

There is something refreshing about being the first person to live in a home. You get to be the one to stamp your personality on it. New homes also mean there are no damages you have to worry about. With newer appliances, fixtures, and the latest design elements, you can move right in without any worries.



Developers build to sell, and if you purchase a home before construction is complete, developers will usually let you have control over the final finishes. That means you get to customize things such as countertops, wall colors, and flooring choices without the entire process of designing a home.



Residential developers like us are very conscious of the impact homes can have on our planet. That’s why we often try to make our projects as eco-friendly as possible these days. From new windows, sustainable materials, and up-to-date codes, when you purchase from a developer you can be assured your home is green-friendly!



Many people think that purchasing from a developer is more expensive, but it actually is usually cheaper. You’ll save on costs such as inspections, commissions, and markups. Additional costs are often built into resold homes or need repairs, making developer-bought properties cheaper.


Timely Delivery

Delays in the home buying process aren’t usual. Maybe the seller pushes back to date, or your custom home builder runs into material delivery delays. This is a frustrating but common part of the home buying process. With developers though, the goal is to get the property finished and off-loaded as quickly as possible. Developers lose money the longer they hold it, so finishing up and handing you the keys is a top priority for them.


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