What do you think of when people say “wallpaper”? Most people get unpleasant images of old, ugly floral wallpaper that was in their grandmother’s home. Wallpaper has come a long way since your grandparents’ day though. Not only is it easier to apply and remove these days, but there are tons of fun patterns and colors that can add just the pop you need to a space!


If you’re interested in adding fun wallpaper to your home, here are the best places to use it according to our custom home builders.



Wallpaper is a quick and fun way to liven up any bedroom design. Many people love using it behind the bed to create a focal point and draw you into a space. You can go for a soft floral or a bold geometric, whatever fits your style! It’s a great and fairly inexpensive way to add an extra dash of style to your bedroom.



Designing a nursery is an important step to getting ready for your new baby. The great thing about nurseries is that they work really well with fun or whimsical themes and designs. Wallpaper is a great way to bring an extra pop to your baby’s new room. You can opt for just a feature wall behind the crib or embrace a softer pattern and do it everywhere!



Small spaces can actually handle bigger, bolder designs which is why they’re the perfect place to use a fun, daring wallpaper design! A bold wallpaper can be just the thing to bring your bathroom from “blah” to “wow!”, especially in smaller, powder rooms. If you’re planning on using wallpaper in a full bathroom make sure you get bathroom-grade wallpaper and installs it correctly as the moisture can impact it!


Laundry Room

Chores may not be fun, but that doesn’t mean your laundry room can’t be! Just as with bathrooms, laundry rooms tend to be smaller and can therefore handle bigger designs. Adding wallpaper is a great way to make your boring laundry room feel fun and cozy.


Dining Room

Dining rooms used to be stuffy but adding the right wallpaper can make these rooms fun! Instead of purchasing pricey artwork, install some wallpaper and let the whole room like look a piece of art!


Home Office

With more people working at home these days, it’s important to make your workspace inviting, relaxing, and stimulating. Wallpaper is just the thing to do that! A fun wallpaper can make your home office feel warm and cozy, and make you not dread getting to work as much. Plus, you can make all your coworkers jealous over Zoom with your bold design!


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