Adding a new member to your family is an exciting time, and one of the most fun parts is designing a beautiful space to bring them home to. These days, designing the perfect nursery is about more than deciding between pink and blue. In fact, gender-neutral nursery themes are becoming incredibly popular.


Whether you want the sex of your baby to be a surprise, don’t want to impose gender norms, want to reuse the nursery for future kids, or just want a chic space in your custom home, here are some of the best gender-neutral nursery themes to consider!


Night Sky

Let your baby reach for the stars with this magical theme. Stars and moons are already a common design element, so you’ll be able to find tons of in-theme items. From phases of the moon to constellations, there is a ton you can do with a Night Sky theme. You can even go all out and paint a ceiling mural for your little one to look at while they fall asleep!


Woodland Wonder

If you want a soothing, nature-inspired theme consider going into the woods. You can either go super modern and use neutral like greys, whites, and browns, or you can embrace the calming greens of the woods. Add in some adorable woodland creatures and trees and you have the perfect neutral wooden haven!


Around the World

It’s never too early to explore! Spark a love of travel early by creating a global nursery. From antique maps to the artwork of cities that have special meaning to you, this theme will be sure to give you and your baby wanderlust.


Under the Sea

Sea-themed nurseries are often thought of as being for “boys”, but there’s more you can do with this theme than anchors and sailors. Add some old sea maps, soothing ocean waves, or adorable sea critters to make a gender-neutral room that will have you and your baby swimming with happiness.


Sweet Safari

While a lot in the world of babies has been gendered, animals have been one of the longest standing gender-neutral themes. Take your baby on a sweet safari by decorating their nursery with animals and earthy tones. Toss in some plants for freshness as well!


Fantastic Fruits

Give your baby something sweet to think about by embracing a fun and fresh fruit theme! From vibrant oranges to bright lemons, there are tons of bold fruit you can use for your gender-neutral nursery.


Cloud Nine

Step into the clouds every time you want into your nursery! Bright blues, sunny yellows, and soft whites will create a fresh, charming nursery. There are tons of sky-themed nursery items out there for a perfect neutral room.


Chase the Rainbow

Want to use a lot of color in your custom home nursery? Embrace the whole rainbow! Whether you use actual rainbows or just rainbow colors, the possibilities are endless. This is a great theme if you want something gender-neutral, but still want bold colors in the space.


Whatever nursery theme you decide on, Sina Architectural Designs is here to help! We’re one of the top custom home builders in the GTA and are ready to help design your dream home. Contact us today to get started.