Designing your custom home kitchen is an exciting, and stressful, stage of the build process. Homeowners are often surprised by all the little features they can add to make their homes more personalized. One hot feature is pot fillers.


Pot fillers are just as the name sounds- a special tap located above the stove used to fill pots. Pot fillers make it easy to fill large pots for stock, pasta, rice, and more. While some people love them, others aren’t as sold. Here are the pros and cons of them according to our custom home builders to help you decide if you want one in your house.



Pros of Pot Fillers


Convenient Cooking

If you cook often, you’ll find a pot filler makes it much more convenient. You no longer have to lug a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove every time you want to make soup or boil pasta. Sure, you still have to carry it to empty it, but it does cut how often you have to do that in half.


High-End Look

Pot fillers add a personalized, luxurious feel to the kitchen design. It’s a small feature, but one that really makes a kitchen feel more professional and high-end. It’s also the type of luxury feature that will get regular use, so it can justify the cost.


Added Value

Some people absolutely love pot fillers. It’s the type of feature that’s harder and more expensive to add in later, so if someone is looking for one in their new home, they might be willing to put in a higher offer.


Cons of Pot Fillers


Interrupted Design

If you dreamed of a gorgeous backsplash design behind your stove, you may want to rethink the pot filler. While you can have a stunning backsplash and pot filler, having one makes the backsplash design more difficult and more expensive. Many people find the look just interrupts the whole flow of their kitchen design, so they stay away from them.


Added Cost

As you can guess, extra features cost extra money. Pot fillers require additional plumbing near the stove so be ready to shell out additional money for the cost of installation and the fixture itself. You may also have to pay more for special backsplash installation as well.


Maintenance and Added Leak Risk

The biggest reason people don’t like pot fillers is the extra maintenance and leak risk. If a sink leaks, it’s easy to duck under it and fix it. It’s a little trickier with pot fillers as the plumbing is behind the wall. Pot fillers are also another fixture you have to clean, maintain, and polish. This extra work and risk just aren’t worth it to many people.

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