Are you a big fan of the holidays? Many people love to extend the holidays by decorating their home in seasonal décor that they can enjoy for the weeks and days leading up to a holiday. Figuring out how to use seasonal décor without it looking kitschy or overdone can be tricky though. Here are some easy ways you can decorate using seasonal items in your custom home.


Add Seasonal Elements

This is the easiest way to show your love of the season inside your home! Some artfully arranged mini-pumpkins or a bowl of glittering Christmas ornaments are fun and simple ways to show off the season. The great thing about small seasonal elements is that they can easily be swapped out without much effort. Try to edit the use of seasonal elements though to keep it tasteful. If you want a subtle seasonal look, opt for seasonal décor in neutral colors!


Use Seasonal Colors

Do you want to embrace the seasons without using obvious décor? Try utilizing color! Use bold and bright colors during the Summer, or warmer, muted shades in the Fall. This is a great way to show off the season without going overboard.


Bring Outside In

The seasons are all about nature changing, so bring the outside in! Organic elements are always great inside the home and are an easy way to display the season. A bowl of pinecones during the winter or a bouquet of Spring flowers will really make a statement without being overpowering.


Decorate Outside

Make your exterior look just as seasonal as the inside. Hanging a seasonal wreath on the front door, adding seasonal touches to the porch, and planting seasonal plants are great ways to celebrate each season.


Include Seasonal Textures & Patterns

Certain patterns and textures just go together with seasons. Using seasonal textures and patterns is a great, and elegant way to celebrate each season. Use light linen for the Summer, soft cotton for Spring, fuzzy wool for Fall, and fuzzy fur for Winter.


Keep it Simple

The key to keeping seasonal décor looking elegant is to use it sparingly. A few small touches go a long way. You can always layer more on top for special holidays like Christmas, but simple seasonal décor can be used for longer, as it’s not as overpowering.


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