If you’re looking to build a custom home, the kitchen will be one of the rooms you spend the most time designing. Before you start picking out paint and cabinet colors, you’ll have to decide what style of pantry you want. Cabinet pantries are the most common, but walk-in pantries have become highly coveted. So, are walk-ins as great as everyone says? Our custom home builders break down the advantages and disadvantages of walk-in pantries!


Pros of Walk-In Pantry


More Storage Space

The biggest advantage of a walk-in pantry is that it provides precious additional storage. In addition to storing usual pantry items like flours and cans, walk-ins are also big enough to store things like small appliances or specialty dinnerware that you might not use often.


Better Organization

The extra storage space walk-in pantries provide makes it much easier to keep everything organized. Walk-ins are equipped with open shelving that allows for better organization using things like baskets and bins. You’ll also be able to see everything, which will make it easy to properly organize everything.


Adds Value

Walk-in pantries are highly coveted by buyers. If you take a look at home listings, walk-in pantries are always a heavily advertised feature. Putting one in your custom home will make your property more valuable and desirable. Walk-in pantries aren’t too expensive to install as well, which makes them a great feature to include.


Cons of Walk-In Pantry


Further Location

One of the biggest drawbacks of walk-in-style pantries is the location. Because they require more space than a cabinet-style pantry, they tend to be a little further away from the main kitchen action. Even if they’re located right in the kitchen, they still tend to be a few steps away from main appliances and countertops.


Requires Extra Space

When designing a custom home, you always have to consider how much space certain features require. A walk-in pantry will eat into your square footage, which is always a hot commodity in Toronto custom homes. If you’re working with a smaller plan, a walk-in pantry might just not make sense.


More Upkeep

Extra storage space is always nice, but it does add extra upkeep to your plate. All those shelves and goods stored on there will have to be kept organized. Some people find it overwhelming to have to keep up with the organization of a walk-in.


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