Even the most beautiful custom home needs a refresh after a while! Homes take regular wear and tear from the elements and daily life. It’s not always warm and sunny in Toronto, which is why summer is the perfect time to set out and boost your house’s curb appeal!


Power Wash Pavement

As the winter ice and slush melt away, you may notice your driveway, pathways, and sidewalks are left covered in dirt and grime. While the springtime rain will wash away some of it, you may find you need a good power washing to really make your pavement look new again. It’s actually amazing how refreshed your pavement (and exterior!) will look after power washing it. If you don’t have a power washer, don’t worry! You can rent them for pretty cheap.


Invest in Landscaping

Toronto winters can be hard on plants and grass. Once it’s finally warm, take some time and refresh your landscaping. Mow the lawn, wack away weeds, clean up your plant bed, and plant some new flowers and bushes. If you really don’t have a green thumb, consider hiring a landscaping company to take care of it for you.


Repaint Exterior & Door

Notice that your siding, door, or shutters are looking a little faded and dated? Repaint them! You can simply give them a new coat of the same color or go for a quick refresh by picking a new color. It’s a simple and cheap way to boost your custom home’s curb appeal.


Clean & Declutter

Don’t stop at power washing when it comes to cleaning. Sweep the porch, clear out the gutters, clean away any cobwebs, and remove any dead plants. It’s also a good idea to declutter your outside as well. Put away any forgotten toys, old tools, or items left behind.


Upgrade Lighting, Mailbox, & Address Numbers

If you want to go a step further, you can tackle a simple exterior project to give your home fresh curb appeal. Install some cool new lighting, put in a pretty new mailbox, or replace your old, rusted address numbers with some modern ones.


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