Reasons to hire a custom home builder


Hiring a custom home builder is the first step in building the house of your dreams, but you shouldn’t end there. You’ve already spent so much time, money, and energy in building something so personal, you want it to be able to shine when it’s done.

Hiring an interior designer can elevate a house to a home. While home builders so have some design experience usually, you’ll want an expert to bring it all together. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings; we want the project to shine too. Think of us like the fitness instructor, whipping the house into shape. The interior designer is the stylist that comes in and completes the beautiful transformation.

There are lots of rumors and myths out there about interior designers but toss aside any thoughts that they’re only for celebrities. Here are 6 smart reasons why you should hire one.

1.You’ll Save Money

It might sound silly that spending money can actually save you money. But just how hiring a custom home builder requires and upfront cost that saves you more in the long run, so do interior designers. When designing the interior of the home there are lots of decisions that need to be made. When trying to tackle it on your own, on top of everyday life, mistakes can be made. Hiring a designer helps you avoid those costly mistakes. A professionally decorated home will also boost your home value. You’ll have gorgeous pictures to show off if you ever decide to sell and the ability to brag about its HGTV level beauty.

2.They’ll Help Budget and Plan

As custom home builders, we help you budget and plan as well, but we mainly focus on building materials. An interior designer will be able to do this for you on other aspects of your home. They will save your money and time researching products and prices. They often have contacts to get you the best prices too. There are a few areas of the home where we may overlap, mainly with countertops and cabinets in bathrooms and the kitchen. With both a home builder and an interior designer working for you, you’ll have double the expertise to help you make the right decision.

3.They’ll Act As A Liaison

Building a custom home is stressful. There is a constant need for communication. It can be challenging as for you though because you might not know how to express exactly what you want or need to us. A designer can act as a bridge, explaining and balancing the architectural and designer needs. They can also catch design mistakes early on; things that we might not even realize would be a problem to your final vision for the place. Designers are also trained to see things we might miss. We focus on quality craftsmanship, while a designer thinks about things like furniture, outlet, and lighting placement.

4.They Give You The “Wow” Factor

It’s nearly impossible not to get sucked into the world of Pinterest and HGTV when building a home. We understand it if you’re spending all this time and money you want your home to look that good too. While architectural detailing helps with that, interior decorating really pushes a home’s beauty to achieve that “wow” factor. They’re trained and experienced in thinking differently so that your home will be timeless, gorgeous, and one of a kind.

5.Your Home Value Will Increase

A custom built home will already have an increased value over a standard one. However, a professionally designed one will boost that even more. When people are building their homes they don’t often like to think of the possibility of leaving them. We always encourage our clients to think about home value and resale value though. Even if you expect this house to be your forever home, it’s good to think about the possibility. An interior designer will be able to increase the aesthetic and appeal of your home, which will increase its value, whether or not you decide to sell.

6.It Will Be Functional and Beautiful

An interior designer doesn’t only focus on looks, although that is a big part of it. Functionality and practicality are also very important, even more, important than how beautiful it is. No one will care how pretty a place looks if living in it would be a nightmare due to the layout. A designer knows where to place furniture for the best flow. They think of things like noise and privacy. They make form and function, pretty and practical, come together harmoniously.