Getting Home Ready To Sell

Selling a house can be an emotional time. People grow very attached to the place they call home. No matter the reason for the move, it’s important to have your custom home look its best. With a few helpful tips from your real estate agent, you can make your home look great and sell for top dollar.

Exterior Tips


  • Paint: Professionals recommend repainting a home every 10 years but even if it hasn’t been that long if your home is looking a little worn repaint it. It only takes a few cans of paint and often you can do it yourself. Fresh paint can really transform and freshen up a home.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping makes a huge impact on a home’s appearance. Simply remove any dead plants and make sure the lawn is mowed. If seasonally appropriate, plant colorful flowers and lay new mulch.
  • Clutter: Remove any clutter from your exterior. Put away garbage bins, store lawn equipment, and if you have kids make sure outside toys are away or organized nicely.
  • Curb Appeal: It’s surprisingly easy to upgrade curb appeal. Update your mailbox, address numbers, and exterior lighting to give your home a quick facelift. Consider painting your front door a fun color too to give your home a pop.
  • Windows: One of the biggest things people look for when buying a house is the quality of windows. New windows are a huge selling feature to buyers. If yours are still in good shape, just make sure they are properly washed before people come to view the house.
  • Siding: If your home has siding, make sure it is pressure-washed. This will remove any dirt and debris, making your home look shiny and clean. If you don’t own a pressure-washer don’t worry, you can rent one for a small fee.
  • Additional Tips: Make your house feel homey. Add features like a welcome mat, some chairs, a bird feeder, or a statue. You want buyers to feel like they can make this place their home too. Small personal touches can make a property feel warm and inviting, which really ups the appeal.


Interior Tips


  • Clean: It should go without saying that your home should be cleaned before showings. Do a thorough cleaning beforehand and if you do multiple showings be sure to keep it up. Make sure dishes are washed and toys are away before people come to see it.
  • Repairs: Fix any minor repairs while you can. It will make your home look well maintained. Sellers are always surprised how the smallest things turn the buyers off or become negotiating points for lowering the price. Fix leaky faucets, grease squeaky doors, and replace burnt out bulbs. It might be a good idea to repaint too, preferably in a neutral color.
  • Personal Items: You want the place to feel homey, but not like your home. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in the space. Pack away family heirlooms and personal photos.
  • Clutter: Eliminate any clutter in your home. Put away knick-knacks, and clear countertops and flooring. Don’t just shove things in closets either as buyers will likely open them to look at space. Buyers are looking to see if there’s enough space and storage in the home so show them that there is.
  • Staging: Stage your home to look it’s best. You might even want to hire a professional for this. Keep the house bright, furniture to a minimum, and add stylish features.
  • Bonus Tips: Walk through your home as if you were a buyer and pick out every flaw because that is what they will do. Fix anything you can. Light a candle or spray a nice scent to make the home more inviting. Never lie or mislead buyers. This will only backfire on you. Be open and honest when they ask you questions.

A few quick and simple changes can make a big difference to your home. Buyers today don’t like to take on as many projects so try to limit the amount of work that needs to be done. Small touches and upgrades go a long way in increasing your home value.

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