The bedroom plays such a vital role in our life. It’s where we rest and recharge after a long day. Your bedroom should be a safe space, an oasis from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. When designing your custom home bedroom, you’ll have to think about what sort of vibe you want to set. Paint color will make a big impact on that. Color contributes to the overall design, but it can also affect your mood and emotions. Here are some paint colors our custom home builders suggest you avoid in the bedroom.




Red raises the energy level in a room, and while that might be a good thing in other areas of your home, you’ll probably want to avoid that in your bedroom, where you’ll be winding down. The color red is also known to evoke feelings of passion, anger, and excitement, which might cause you to struggle to fall asleep. If you’re set on red in the bedroom, opt for a muted, darker shade instead of a vibrant one.



Yellow is vibrant and fun and is known for stimulating the senses. The sunny tones may be a great wake-up call to start your day, but they won’t help you wind down in the evening. In fact, that’s why yellow isn’t recommended for nurseries and kid’s rooms- it’s too stimulating! If you must go for yellow, opt for a soft, muted shade.



Dark Brown or Black

Dark colors, such as brown and black, might seem like the perfect moody shade for a bedroom. While they might be great at night, they can make the bedroom feel gloomy and confined, which can make waking up challenging.


Bright Green

Green is a great color for bedrooms. Softer and darker shades evoke nature and provide an airy, calming vibe. However, avoid bright, neon, and lime green shades. These are too harsh and stimulating for rest and relaxation.




White is a popular color for every room, and its versatility has made it the default option. White walls can reflect colors and make a space feel airy, but they can also look sterile and cold. If you still want a light neutral bedroom, toss in some warmer shades like tan or beige to balance it.


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