Bathrooms play a very important, practical role in any house. But just because function is at the forefront of bathroom design doesn’t mean it can’t be optimized for beauty and feng shui as well! According to feng shui, the bathroom is considered to have the lowest flow of energy of all rooms in the home. Water is very important to feng shui, and with so much water coming and going in a bathroom, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to these spaces if feng shui is important to you.


Here are some dos and don’ts of feng shui in your bathroom!


Do Conserve Water

As we mentioned, water is an important energy in feng shui. While you can’t control your plumbing or bathroom use too much, you should ensure there are no leaks or drips in your bathroom. Water is connected to prosperity, so by allowing leaks, you’re letting your luck and wealth drip away.


Don’t Keep Doors and Toilet Seats Open

Closing the lid to the toilet has hygienic and feng shui purposes. Since it carries waste away, it can also carry energy away too. Closing the lid will prevent that. Plus, it just makes your bathroom habits cleaner. Same thing with the bathroom door. It’s a way to prevent energy in the rest of the house from carrying into there and down the drain.


Do Conceal the Toilet

If you have the space in your bathroom design, consider concealing the toilet behind a wall or in a toilet closet. This, in addition to closing the toilet lid, will prevent any more positive energies from going down the drain. Plus, a separate toilet room provides more privacy and increases your home value! It’s a win-win.


Don’t Skimp on Cleaning

Cleanliness is very important to feng shui. You should already clean your bathroom regularly, especially if you follow feng shui. A poorly maintained bathroom can make you feel stuck in your life and block the positive flow of chi.


Do Use Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in feng shui as they bounce around chi (and light!). Hanging a mirror behind the bathroom door is a great way to increase positive energy flow and counteract all the water. Just make sure it doesn’t reflect the toilet! Also, round and oval-shaped mirrors are best for feng shui.


Don’t Forget About Plants

Good feng shui in a bathroom is all about purification and renewal. Plus, with all of the water elements in the area, having something to balance that is good- which makes plants the perfect addition to any bathroom! Not only will they boost the energy flow in your bathroom, but they also look great.


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