Winters can be brutal up here in Canada. Between the icy winds and snowfall, having a well-designed home can make or break how pleasant wintertime is. When designing your custom Toronto home, here are some of the smartest features to consider.


Heated Flooring

There’s nothing worse than waking up and stepping on an ice-cold floor. While heated bathrooms have been common for years, did you know you can install radiant heated flooring throughout the home? It’s a pricey feature, but it can save on overall heating and cooling costs.



Nothing ruins a beautiful custom home like a pile of winter boots or slushy footprints around your front door. Even if you try to stay on top of it, the extra work of cleaning up after snow, ice, and salt can be a lot. A well-designed and located mudroom can eliminate mess, reduce dirtiness, and make your home more valuable!


Motorized Shades

Having as much natural light as possible is always important, but especially in the wintertime, when a lack of Vitamin D can cause mental health issues. But it’s also important to keep window coverings closed at night in the winter to conserve heat. If you hate opening and closing your window coverings daily, consider investing in motorized shades.


Heated Driveway

If shoveling snow is one of your least favorite parts of winter, consider installing a heated driveway! A heated driveway is an expensive feature, but it means you won’t have to worry about ice or snow during the cold months. It can also save you from having to spend money on snow removal. You can even include snow-melting featuring on commonly used paths as well!


Insulated Garage

Garages are a luxury in Toronto, where home lots are small. Even when houses have them, they’re often not large enough for modern cars nor are they well insulated. A well-insulated garage, large enough to fit your vehicle and have additional storage, is one of the best features to install, not just for ease of use in the winter (yay to no more pre-heating your car), but also in terms of resale value.


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