Toronto is one of the greatest cities in the world, and we’re only partially saying that because we’re based out of it! It offers residents tons of amazing dining and entertainment options, which make living in the downtown area highly appealing. One downside of Toronto living is condos. While some condos are beautifully designed, many new ones has major design flaws that people can’t stand. Here are some of the top condo design trends people loathe in Toronto.


One Wall Kitchens

Space is at a premium in condos, and one-wall kitchens became a popular way to save square footage while giving residents everything they need to prepare meals. However, people have grown to hate these, citing them hard to cook in. They tend to have little to no countertop space and often have smaller appliances, which makes proper cooking hard.


Bedroom Glass Door

In Toronto, for a room to legally be a bedroom, it needs to have a window. This can be a challenge when trying to build a whole condo. One solution condo developers came up with is using glass sliding doors for bedrooms, which legally meet the requirements. Condo dwellers hate these, though, citing a lack of privacy.


Washer/Dryer Combos

A huge plus of living in Toronto versus other big cities is that newer condo buildings almost always have an ensuite washer and dryer. This makes laundry so much easier than lugging clothes to a laundromat or a shared basement laundry room. Some condos try to save space though, by installing washer/dryer combos rather than two separate machines, much to the chagrin of residents.


No Useable Space

This is by far the biggest complaint people have about some of the newer condos. What little space they do have is poorly designed and not really useable. For example, condos will often have a one-wall kitchen and then an empty space meant for a living room/dining room, but with no logical place to position furniture, it just becomes useless.


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