When building a custom home in Toronto, there are a few key items that will define how your home functions and looks. Cabinets are one of those items. Cabinetry, whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or another room, can set the tone for the home. The style homeowner’s pick is often the jumping off point for the rest of the home. But picking the right style can be overwhelming so we had our custom home builders breakdown the most popular styles for cabinets out there.



The shaker-style cabinet is the most popular style of cabinets for kitchens today. It gets its name from the distinctive Shaker furniture style, which uses simple, clean lines. This is translated into the cabinets. The simple style works well with any home style from contemporary to traditional. This style can also be done is any wood species, stain, and color.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Horizontal wood slates aren’t unique- they’re used all the time on windows, doors, and furniture. When used on cabinets though, it provides a distinct style known as Louvered. These beauties are pricey though so keep that in mind. Louvered doors have spaces between the slats, making them great for cabinets that need some ventilation. The style lends itself well to beachy or rustic styles more, but it can be made to work in many homes.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Flat cabinets are extremely popular in Europe and are starting to gain more ground in North America. These simple yet stylish cabinets are void of any details. The hard lines and minimalist form make it the perfect fit for contemporary and modern homes.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Inset cabinets are a classic style that might be expensive, but they are stunning. The style gets it name because the door is set inside of the cabinet frame, which sets them apart from other styles. Most cabinet doors rest on the outside of the frame. The door is designed with precision, which is why they’re so costly. Inset cabinets require exposed hinges, whereas more other styles have concealed hinges, so make sure you take this into account.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Almost any other style of cabinets can be made into distressed one. Pick your favorite style and color, and most manufacturers will use distressing techniques to provide an antique or rustic looking cabinet. Distressed cabinets can have a 15-20% upcharge, so make sure this fits into your custom home budget. This style looks fabulous is traditional, Spanish-style, and rustic homes.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Beadboard is a classic look that gives off a cozy charm. The center panels of cabinet doors are made to look like traditional beadboard paneling. Beadboard is a decorative wall treatment that has been used throughout history before plaster, drywall, and paint became common. It’s a style that lends itself well to cottages, farmhouses, and rustic homes well. Be warned though, it can be a pain to clean between those little cracks and crevasses.


Custom Home Cabinet Style

Single Arch

Single arch, also known as Cathedral style, cabinets are a more traditional style. The upper cabinet doors have a rounded “cathedral” top. It’s a pretty cost effective cabinet style, but many people find the style too traditional now. They still look beautiful, especially for people that love traditional styles.


Custom Home Cabinet Style

Glass Insert

Cabinet doors with glass inserts can make a kitchen feel more open and airy. The great thing too is that you can decide how many glass doors you want. Some people opt for all upper cabinets to have the glass while others pick a few key doors. If you’re worried about clutter inside your cabinets, frosted or detailed glass can be selected. Glass insert cabinets are also great because almost any style of cabinetry can be used.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


If you really can’t find a cabinet style that suits your needs and custom home style you can always go the custom route. Custom made cabinetry is expensive, but it allows homeowners to create their own unique design. Ask your custom home builder if they know any craftsperson or local designer in Toronto to help make this happen.


Custom Home Cabinet Style


Picking the right cabinetry can be a hard decision. Cabinets are usually one of the most expensive items that go into a custom home. The good news is that there are tons of styles out there. There is a cabinet style for every style of home. Contact us to discuss building your dream custom home kitchen!