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When it comes to homes, the type of architectural style and designs to choose from is overwhelming. Many styles depend on geographical locations, but also personal taste. Each style has its own quirks and characteristics that set it apart from the others.


Modern, or contemporary, homes are the new kids on the block as their name implies. More so than any other style, modern architecture is easy to identify. The sharp lines, minimalism, and other contemporary characteristics stand out. If you’re interested in building a modern custom home, here are the architectural design features that will be included.



While the modern style is relatively new, it still does have a history. Modern architecture emerged between the 1920s and the 1950s. It started first in Europe before making its way to America. Some say this style was born out of Bauhaus, a German school of art and architecture. They hammered in the “less is more’ principle that is key to the modern architectural design. When they were forced to close and flee due to the rising Nazi regime, they made their way to America where the style was renamed International style. The contemporary style has continued to evolve into what it is today.


history of modern architeacture 



Contemporary homes have exteriors that make a statement. Exteriors often feature asymmetrical elements, geometric shapes, and the use of natural materials such as stone, brick, and wood. For some architectural home styles, like Craftsman’s, the exteriors can all end up looking similar. With modern homes, there is no such thing as cookie cutter. Almost every modern home has its own unique look. Modern homes have sticking and attention grabbing facades. Windows are huge for modern homes, often taking up entire walls. Rooflines also play a big role in the architectural design. Modern homes tend to use flat, expansive roofs or dramatically angled ones.


exterior features modern homes



With the boom in home renovations, it’s a little harder to identify a modern home just based on the interior. Some walk a more transitional line, having elements of both contemporary and traditional. A typical modern home though has wide, open spaces that flow together. Natural light plays a huge role in contemporary homes, thanks to all those windows. Expect clean lines, flexible space, and tons of light when you enter a modern home.
interior features modern house

Key Rooms

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and when your heart is beating to the rhythm of “modern” so will the rest of the house. Contemporary kitchens have an industrial vibe, using stainless steel, marble, and concrete. Cabinets are sleek, and open shelving is used. Function and form meet in the modern kitchens. There are minimal embellishments so that workspace takes precedent.


modern kitchen



A key component that contemporary homes try to have is indoor-outdoor flow. Those floor-to-ceiling windows that let in so much light also allow for nature to make its way in. Landscaping is used to soften the hard lines of the exterior. Seamless doors to the exterior are vital to this flow. Even when green space is hard to come by, like it is in Toronto, roof top decks and greenery are options.


indoor outdoor modern style

Other Elements

To understand modern architectural designed homes, one needs to know one word-simple. Modern homes take simplicity and minimalism and live in it. Vital elements of contemporary homes are:

  • Clean Lines
  • Natural Light
  • Minimalism
  • Open Space
  • Nature
  • Shapes and Angels


If you are interested in building your custom contemporary home, contact us today. We specialize in stunning modern homes in the Toronto area.