A lot of people don’t realize it before they begin to build a home, but there are a fair amount of legal matters involved in the process. One aspect that clients often ask us about is who owns the rights to a home’s architectural plans? The answer is a little complicated, so let us...
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Things Custom Home Builders Wish Clients Knew
  Being a custom home builder is one of the greatest jobs. We get to create a place where people will create memories for years. We lay the floors where their kids take their first steps and put in the kitchen that will cook Thanksgiving dinners. As custom home builders, it’s our job to construct...
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modern contemporary homes architectual design sina
  When it comes to homes, the type of architectural style and designs to choose from is overwhelming. Many styles depend on geographical locations, but also personal taste. Each style has its own quirks and characteristics that set it apart from the others.   Modern, or contemporary, homes are the new kids on the block...
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