June 2017
Pros and Cons Multiple Representation Real Estate
In the world of Toronto real estate, things can get messy and stressful. It’s one of the hottest markets in the world. Prices continue to rise, even as the government scrambles to try to slow it down. For buyers and sellers, it is a competitive battlefield with couples fighting to get the best deal or...
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Reasons to hire a custom home builder
  Hiring a custom home builder is the first step in building the house of your dreams, but you shouldn’t end there. You’ve already spent so much time, money, and energy in building something so personal, you want it to be able to shine when it’s done. Hiring an interior designer can elevate a house...
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Getting Home Ready To Sell
Selling a house can be an emotional time. People grow very attached to the place they call home. No matter the reason for the move, it’s important to have your custom home look its best. With a few helpful tips from your real estate agent, you can make your home look great and sell for...
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Etiquette Tips For Working With A Custom Home Builder
There are tons of horror stories out there that people have from working with contractors and home builders. Sometimes it’s because of poor research, misaligned expectations, or someone just lying, most of the time though it comes down to communication. With communication comes its own set of problems. Building a custom home is a stressful...
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