Tips to Get Home Ready to Sell

We talk a lot about custom home building, but the true first step of that process is having that desire to move. And moving means selling the old house. As stressful as building a custom home can be, selling is equally as stress inducing. While the current market in GTA is still a seller one, there are a few things homeowners should do to their house to get top dollar. Here are a few simple ways to get your home ready to sell.


#1: Half-Empty Storage

Storage is a huge concern for potential buyers. Even if you feel your home has more than enough storage, use this simple trick to convince buyers there is even more. Take half of the stuff out of your closets, and neatly organize what’s left. A lot of sellers will throw excess stuff into closets, garages, or any other storage space but this is a mistake. Expect buyers to snoop, so make sure all they find is space.


Half empty closets to sell your home


#2: All of the Lights

Light is crucial to selling a home. Maximize all of the light your home gets. After location, good lighting is the thing buyers cite as to why they like a house. Take down window treatments (or at the very least open them all the way up), clean the windows, increase light bulb wattage, change lampshades, and cut down any greenery that is blocking light from getting in. The more light there is, the more sellable it will be.


Light to help sell home

#3: Critter Clutter

Most people know to put away their pets when potential buyers come to view the home. What they don’t know to do, is to put away all of the pet paraphernalia that comes with them. Not every buyer will be an animal lover, and having an abundance of pet products around can turn them off. Put away food bowls, litter boxes, and toys.


Remove pet products from sight to sell a home

#4: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

People make two crucial mistakes when trying to sell their home- they either don’t make any changes, or they over upgrade everything. The key is to freshen up, but not over do it. Quick, simple fixes have the most payoff. Very rarely do buyers see a full return when they undertake a massive improvement project. A fresh coat of paint, some cleaning, and fixing small things like squeaky doors or leaky faucets are the best bet.


upgrades worth it to sell your home

#5: Depersonalize

Depersonalizing your home is the oldest trick in the book, but it still works! You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in your house. That can be hard to do when a home is stuffed with personal mementos from the seller. The more personalized items in the home, the less potential it has to buyers. Put away photographs (large, hung ones can stay), memorabilia collections (buyers won’t be impressed by your baseball collection), and personal keepsakes (time to remove your kid’s artwork from the fridge).


Depersonalize to sell a home


#6: Boost Curb Appeal

Buyers love homes that have curb appeal. Make sure your house makes a great first impression by boosting its exterior looks. The lawn should be mowed, plants trimmed, the exterior painted and cleaned. Simple upgrades like address numbers or a mailbox can go a long way. Curb appeal is your home’s first impression so make sure it’s a good one. The good news too is that you usually get a 100% return on any curb appeal upgrades. If you need more tips for lifting curb appeal read here.


boost curb appeal to sell a house


#7: The Kitchen is King

It’s no secret that kitchens sell homes. Having a nice, upgraded kitchen will attract buyers and that top price. We said don’t worry about upgrading your home, but if there is one area to work on it’s the kitchen. Most people see at least 85% of their money back when it comes to kitchen renovations. Spending a few thousand to upgrade hardware and countertops can save you from losing 10,000 off the listing price. If you don’t have the budget for large upgrades, new paint and cabinet hardware can make a huge difference.


Kitchen is king when it comes to selling a house


#8: Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean your home before you show it! Before you have your first showing or take listing pictures, deep clean your home. Everything should be cleaned from the exterior to the interior. Re-caulk showers/tubs, and clean any grout. Pressure wash exterior siding and walkways. Clean away cobwebs, vacuum the floor, and dust every surface. It might be worth it to hire a professional cleaner. After the initial deep clean, most homes are fine with surface upkeep for the remaining showings. Hands down buyers will notice any unclean surface and that will immediately turn them off.


Clean house to sell it


#9: Stage Fright

Staging a home can maximize the price you get for it. Hiring a professional stager isn’t always within the budget though. After you’ve decluttered, cleaned, and depersonalized, staging becoming pretty easy. The simplest way to stage for potential buyers is to show them what each room is used for. Don’t leave them wondering how they will use a space; show them. Also, even if you don’t use a TV in your home, stage the room so that potential buyers will know where to place one. It’s the first thing husbands usually ask when touring a home.


Tips to Get Home Ready to Sell

#10: Go Professional

The best way to sell your home is to leave it to the professionals. Hire a photographer to take professional real estate pictures of the house. Even if you’re handy with a camera, there is a certain way a house is photographed that armatures can’t always get. Professional real estate photographers know how to make rooms look bigger and at their best. Make sure you get the right real estate agent for the listing too. You want someone you can trust and that you like. Hiring the right professionals can really impact how quickly and for what price your home sells at.


hire professionals


Selling a home is never easy. It’s a stressful process that can take time, plus there’s the heartbreak of leaving a place you called home. Selling a house can open up many possibilities though. If you have sold your home, and want to begin building your dream custom home, contact us to get started.