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When it comes to architectural design, it’s best to raise the roof. All jokes aside, when building a custom home it’s the details that set it apart from standard houses. People always consider the big items, but it’s wise to shift your attention upwards too. From intricate to simple details, architectural design features on the ceiling can make a huge impact. They really elevate a home from average to luxurious.


1. Crown Molding


Crown molding is the simplest and most classic way to add detail to the ceiling. It makes a room feel complete instantly. The great thing about crown molding is that it comes in a variety of style. From simple, clean molding that gives a modern look, to intricate designs that scream elegant traditionalism, there is a crown molding for every house. Crown molding is also a huge selling feature for many buyers, meaning it will make your home more appealing to buyers if you’re ever looking to sell in the future.

Crown Molding -Architectural Design Ceiling-Sina Architectural Designs

2. Coffered Ceiling


This style of ceiling really adds elegance to a room. This design, also known as box-beam style, will lower the ceiling height, so it’s only recommended in rooms that have nine-foot ceilings or higher. Decorative beams, usually made from hollow boxes, are placed on the ceiling to create squares or boxes in a grid pattern. The beams are usually lined with molding and painted to match the ceiling. It’s a simple, yet luxurious ceiling design that will make your guests go, “wow”!

Coffered Ceiling-Architectural Design Ceiling-Sina Architectural Designs

3. Trey Ceiling


A trey ceiling might be the most classic architectural design you can add. The style simply looks like an inverted tray. It looks like one portion of the ceiling is raised, creating a second ceiling. The great thing about this ceiling style is that other details can be added to give it more character. Adding hidden lights along the sides adds a modern touch to this style that people love currently.

Trey Ceiling -Architectural Design Ceiling-Sina Architectural Designs

4. Vaulted Ceiling


A vaulted ceiling is, essentially a very tall ceiling with angles. Technically, a vaulted ceiling is anything higher than the standard 8-10 feet. It usually has arched components but now the style has become broad so that isn’t always necessary to fit into this category. Vaulted ceilings have a long history in architecture and still remain a hugely appealing design feature. They’re a big selling feature and instantly add the wow-factor to a room. They make any room feel grander and taller. It’s good to mention though, that because of the high ceilings heating and cooling costs may be extra so it’s something to think about.

Vaulted Ceiling -Architectural Design Ceiling-Sina Architectural Designs

5. Skylights


Natural light is something that every room should have. It’s crazy how something so simple can completely alter how a room feels. Skylights are not only a great way to add more natural light to a room, but they are also a wonderful architectural design feature. They can be placed in any room, without any of the privacy worries that you have to consider with normal windows. They add something special to rooms and are showstoppers.


6. Wood Beams


Wood beams are probably the trendiest architectural design features for ceilings right now. The warmth of wood complements almost any home style, whether it’s ultra-modern or super traditional. Wood beams add charm and character to a room, so it’s not surprising they’re so popular. The wood beams were traditionally added for structural support. That’s why they’re so prevalent in older homes, particularly in Craftsman and Tudor style homes. Nowadays people love the look so much that they’re adding in reclaimed wood beams, or faux wood beams, to create the look without the structural need.



7. Wood Ceiling


Wood ceilings are a fabulous feature to add to a ceiling. Whether you leave the wood natural or paint it a color to make it blend in better, they add a touch of character to a space. People are adding wood to their ceilings to create either contrast or to add texture, and no matter the reason they look stunning. The great thing about them too is that it doesn’t have to be real wood. The look can be created at lower costs with wood alternatives that will keep you on budget while still looking amazing.


8. Painted Ceiling


Painted ceilings aren’t for everyone, but they sure look amazing when they’re done right. A contrasting ceiling in a bold color can give any room instant style. If this ceiling feature scares you a bit, try it out in a smaller room first like a study or a powder room. They can make a huge impact in smaller spaces. A painted ceiling has the power to make a room look taller and larger. This style of ceiling may require a little more care to get the right color so consider taking to an architectural or interior designer.



When building a home, don’t forget to look up. Adding architectural design features to your ceiling can add value, charm, and character to any room. Contact us today to start designing your dream luxury home.