Architectural Design Features
Feng shui is a Chinese practice that uses energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. Many people believe the key to a happy life is to live in a feng shui home. As custom home builders, we’ve been lucky enough to build entire homes according to feng shui. However, there are a few things...
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Understanding Architectural Design: Ranch Homes- Sina Architectural Design
  Out of all of the home styles, ranch houses probably have the least amount of architectural detail. These homes emphasize casual and practical living. Don’t let the lack of detail make you look down on these homes though. The open layout and simple design make ranches some of the best homes for young couples,...
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Vaulted Ceiling -Architectural Design
  When it comes to architectural design, it’s best to raise the roof. All jokes aside, when building a custom home it’s the details that set it apart from standard houses. People always consider the big items, but it’s wise to shift your attention upwards too. From intricate to simple details, architectural design features on...
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