Feng shui is a Chinese practice that uses energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. Many people believe the key to a happy life is to live in a feng shui home. As custom home builders, we’ve been lucky enough to build entire homes according to feng shui. However, there are a few things you can do for each individual room to bring harmony to your life. The bedroom is a vital room for our entire wellbeing. If you’re looking for good feng shui to promote good sleep, and the flow of energy here are some helpful tips to implement in your custom home bedroom.


Do Use Soothing Colors

Colors play a huge role in how we perceive the world. There have been entire studies done on color psychology, and almost every brand in the world utilizes the principles of it. Feng shui does as well. Calm, soothing colors will help you rest better. Sticking to skin tone colors such as off-whites, creams, browns, and peach tones (but don’t overdo this one!) are great for promoting maximum relaxation.


Don’t Bring Electronics In

These days it’s really hard to disconnect from technology. It plays such a huge role in our lives. According to feng shui principals though you should really be leaving those outside your bedroom. Science actually backs this up, as the light from screens can interrupt our sleep patterns. So keep your TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices outside. Opt for a traditional alarm clock to wake up and physical books to entertain you before bed.


Do Place Your Bed Correctly

Bed placement is a big part of having good feng shui in your bedroom. The bed should be placed in the “command position”, which means placing it so you can see the bedroom entry when lying on the bed. This means don’t place it on the same wall as the door. However, according to feng shui, you also shouldn’t place the bed directly facing the door. Also, try to avoid placing your bed directly beneath a beam or window. Headboards are key to good bed feng shui as well!


Don’t Decorate with Mirrors, Water, or Plants

Decorations are what pull a good custom home bedroom together, but if you’re trying to feng shui the room be sure to avoid a few things. Mirrors are thought to reflect energy around a space, which can disrupt sleep. Plants might to calming to some, but they also have strong energy, which may unbalance the room. It’s best to use these in other parts of the space. Water is also a big no-no in feng shui bedrooms. Be sure to skip any fountains, or pictures of water, boars, oceans, rivers, etc.


Do Have Plenty of Light and Air

How often do you think about the air quality in your bedroom? Air is so important to how we feel. You can’t have good feng shui if the air in your bedroom is stale and polluted. Open up windows to allow good airflow and to let in fresh air when needed. Light is also important, as feng shui states it’s the strongest manifestation of energy. Natural light is great during the day, but at night candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting as they clear energy and create a warm, healing atmosphere.


Don’t Keep Doors Open at Night

Open doors allow energy to escape, which is why feng shui states you should close all the doors in your bedroom at night. This will allow the energy in the room to flow into you rather than leave the room. Keep bedroom doors, closet doors, and bathroom doors closed when you turn in for the night.


Other Feng Shui Bedroom Tips:

  • Decorate for the five senses
  • Have pairs of everything
  • Use symmetry when possible
  • Choose art wisely, as images carry powerful energy
  • Don’t place artwork above the bed
  • Avoid nightstands with sharp corners
  • Keep under the bed clutter to a minimal