Master Bedroom Design Tips


If the kitchen is the heart of the home then the master bedroom is the head. It’s where your day begins and end. It’s where you go to think things through and get “me” time. Making sure you plan your new custom home master bedroom accordingly is vital to loving your home. Here are some ideas and tips to make your new bedroom a retreat from the world.


1. Focus on a view

There’s nothing better than waking up to a gorgeous view. Try to place windows to get the best view possible. A view will not only make your room feel more luxurious and relaxed, but it will help with resale. Think about privacy too though. You don’t want to feel like you have to close your blinds during the day just to change.


2. Think about privacy

There’s external privacy (like windows) but also internal privacy within your home. Think about things like what people will see if they walk by and your door is open? If you never make the bed then maybe don’t place your door in the sightline. You also want to make sure that you won’t hear noises from the bathroom/closet so that if one person gets up before the other they won’t be disturbed.


3. Furniture should be considered from the beginning

As custom home builders, we don’t know how many times we’ve seen homeowners design a place only to run into major layout issues when they’re furnishing it. Most people think of a bed wall but also think about other furniture as you plan layout too. Where will your dresser go? What about seating? If you consider all of this from the beginning the end will be much easier.


4. Lighting matters

Lighting in a bedroom is so tricky because you want it light and bright during the day but dark at night. Think about where your bedroom is placed. Some people absolutely hate waking up to the sunrise so if that’s you don’t put your bedroom on the east. Curtains should have the ability to look good and block out light. The lighting itself should be thought about too. Put light switching within reach of the bed to save from having to get out. Also, think about a dimmer so that you don’t have to go from pitch black to blinding light.


5. Closet and bathroom locations are important

In a luxury custom home, there are three elements that make up the master suite- the closet, the en suite, and the bedroom. Think about what layout between these three will be most effective for you. Do you want the bathroom and closet connected or separate? Will light from the bathroom reach the bed? Are the bathroom walls sound proof enough? When all three elements work in harmony your master will not only be practical but also luxurious.


6. How much room do you need

When people build a custom home they always think bigger is better. However, really consider how much space you need in your master bedroom. As home builders, we have seen so many people allocate too much space to their master. At the end, they don’t know what to do with it all! Many times they end up wishing they have used that space for another area. Your bedroom should comfortably fit all your furniture with walking space. Don’t add extra square footage for the sake of doing it.


7. Sitting space

There’s been a recent trend in interior designing to put chairs and sitting spaces in master bedrooms. While they look great in pictures online the reality is far different. Most homeowners plan on these spaces but end up using it as a dumping ground for jackets and clothing. Think about if you’ll really ever use the sitting space and if not what else could you put in that would be more practical?


Bonus Tips:

  • Think about your daily routine when planning
  • If pets sleep in the room for them create a cozy, cute space for them
  • Consider practicality and aesthetics together
  • Barn doors look nice but don’t block noise well
  • Have outlets in convenient locations like next to the bed
  • Think about proximity to other bedrooms. Completely separate is nice but with young children not practical.
  • Make sure you have storage for everything, not just clothing. Think about blankets, seasonal clothing, books, and other items.


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