8 Easy Tips For Designing Your Custom Home Master Bathroom

Tips For Designing Custom Home Bathroom


When designing a custom home, there’s one room that is incredibly important. The master bathroom shouldn’t just be where you go to shower it should be a retreat. Having key items and a functional layout is crucial to love your new custom home. Here are some tips from a Toronto home builder for designing your en suite.


1. Think about toilet placement

Where you place the toilet in your master bath, whether it’s open or behind another door, is a personal decision. Both have merits. But there is one thing that custom home builders say and that is that you shouldn’t have your toilet be the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom. In order words, you don’t want it to be the focal point. So when designing the layout simply make sure that it’s not directly in line with the door.


2. Double sinks are key

We know that not everyone struggles with the morning sink shuffle that happens when two people try to use it at the same time. But if you have space, make sure to put in two sinks. While you might not mind only having one, having double sinks is a huge factor for homebuyers and resale value.


3. Consider storage for everything

Storage in the bathroom in a GTA home is vital. Toronto home builders say you should consider creating a place for every item. You’ll need storage for towels, toilet paper, makeup, cosmetics, medicine, and other toiletries. Also, think about the placement of the storage. You don’t want to have to waddle across a massive bathroom to get another roll of toilet paper so consider storing that near the toilet.


4. Ventilation prevents mold and moisture

Bathrooms collect a lot of moisture. There’s tons of plumbing in that room not to mention additional water from steam. Make sure that you put in proper ventilation. An exhaust fan is a must to keeping your beautiful new custom bathroom from getting moldy.


5. To tub or not to tub

There is a huge debate over whether or not a master bathroom should have a bathtub or not. Some people hate them even if they have the room. Here’s where we stand as a custom home builder. Every home should have at least one bathtub for resale purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be in the master bathroom. If you like taking baths, even occasionally, and have the space you might as well put one it. But if you never take a bath then don’t bother.


6. Showers should be functional for everything

Showers are a huge feature in en suites. Make sure you love your bathroom by giving your shower additional attention. Shower heads should be placed at the proper height for you. A bench is not only perfect for sitting but also makes shaving a breeze. Put in special nooks for soap and shampoo to avoid the unsightly shower caddy. Also, consider where your towel hooks and rods are. You want to be able to easily grab your towel as you exit.


7. Spacing should be considered

There are certain standard and regulated dimensions for spacing in a bathroom. Some of these are for coding purposes and others are just for convenience. A general rule is to allow two feet of space between fixtures, like the toilet, shower, and sink, to allow for movement.


8. Closet Placement

Most custom homes have master walk-in closets these days. A big debate in architectural design is where to place the ensuite and closet. Should you walk through the bathroom to get to the closet? It might make getting ready in the morning challenging. Should you walk through the closet to get to the bathroom? This might limit your closet space. Should the closet and bathroom be completely separate? This can make getting ready more difficult. Each layout has it’s pros and cons so consider all of them when designing.


Bonus Tips:

  • Lighting is important so think it through
  • Make sure you have enough electrical outlets but also that they are within code
  • The vanity height should be comfortable
  • A timeless style means you won’t have to renovate
  • Flooring should be non-slip
  • Think about smells, noises, and moisture


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