Custom Home Cost


When building or renovating a room in a custom home, the price is always on the mind. Budgeting can be hard, and it’s easy to see prices skyrocket. The hardest part is that it’s not always easy to tell whether a quoted price is reasonable or not. Here is a room-by-room cost guide so that you know what sort of price you can expect when building or remodeling rooms in your custom home.


Kitchen Cost

The kitchen is the most expensive room in custom homes usually. Between cabinets, appliances, and countertops, the price tag an easily rise. Kitchens see the most action, so upgrades can make a huge impact on functionality and also resale value. Make sure to keep your budget in check when building your kitchen by knowing all the tips about saving and splurging. The kitchen is the one room that usually sends people over budget.

Kitchen cost over $20,000 on average.  


Garage Cost

The garage is forgotten about square footage. In Toronto, just having any garage space is a luxury. If you want to take advantage of that space though, whether to turn it into an extra room or just add more storage, expect to spend a decent amount.

Garage cost over $10,000 on average.


Basement Cost

Basements are huge selling features in the GTA housing market. They offer extra living space, more storage, and even the possibility of income if converted into a basement apartment. It can be pricey to convert an unfinished basement into a finished one though. Moving things like plumbing, electrical, and ductwork is costly.

Basements cost almost $19,000 on average.


Bathroom Cost

Bathrooms provide some of the highest resale returns, so if you’re looking to upgrade or remodel yours that’s a good idea. These rooms can also quickly go out of budget due to costs like moving plumbing or expensive finishes. Master bathrooms are usually better-selling points than say guest bathrooms, so spend more there.

Bathrooms cost more than $9,000 on average.


Attic Cost

Just a warning, attics are incredibly pricey to fix up. They also offer some of the most stunning and creative spaces though. Whether you want to make it a flex space, a game room, a bedroom, or anything else, expect a large price tag. Working in the attic sometimes requires more experienced workers like structural engineers to make sure the home can support weight up top. But despite the price, attics offer coveted square footage so they are worth it.

Attics cost almost $50,000 on average.


Bedroom Cost

Bedrooms have a broad range in price, from simple paint fixes for a few bucks to shelling out thousands. How much a bedroom costs to build and renovate depends on the size and level of detail. Luckily, the bedroom is one of the cheapest rooms to remodel.

Bedrooms cost about $7,000 on average.


Living Room Cost

Living rooms have some of the widest range of uses between families. It can be a formal setting or a casual hang out. Living rooms also range in size, detail, and design- all of which impacts price. The more you add and change, the higher the price.

Living rooms cost about $3,000 on average.



Giving price estimates it always difficult for custom home builders to do. Each home and room has its own individual budget that can easily climb to the top of any budget. If you want more specific pricing estimations for your custom home, contact us today!