5 Horrible Architectural Design Details That Should Stop Being Used- Sina Architectural Design


Home building and architectural details have trends just like fashion and interior design. But like with all trends, sometimes we look back and regret them. Unfortunately, when it comes to architectural features, it can be hard to easily get rid of the dated details. There were some bad ones in the past, ranging from pointless to downright frustrating. Here are all the worst ones that you should avoid putting in your new custom home.


Plant Ledges

Plant ledges, also known as decorative ledges, seemed to be put in just about every home built in the early 2000’s. Instead of a smooth wall going up to the ceiling, home builders would put a cutout near the top of the ceiling. They served no purpose other than holding decorations, but the longer people lived with them they realized they were too high to really decorate and they collected nothing but dust. Most people are opting to close them up these days or at the very least ignoring them. Some people have found nice ways to decorate them, but I think most people can agree that they never put plants on their plant ledge.


Interior Decorative Pillars

Pillars or columns have been used as architectural details for a long time. Back in the day, they did more than add interest, they were necessary for structural purposes. While many people still use pillars and columns for structural support, there was a trend back in the day to put in massive columns just as decoration. They were supposed to make a home look elegant, but these days it just looks cheesy. So unless they’re needed to keep your roof up, we recommend ditching the fake pillars.


Fake Shutters

Shutters used to serve an important function in homes. They were necessary to protect a home from the elements, and to protect the glass on windows which as expensive back in the day. Over the years though windows got better and shutters became unnecessary. But they look charming and can really boost curb appeal, so they’re still used today. The reason fake shutters are bad though is that most people use the wrong sizes. Shutters, even if they’re just used for decoration, should be able to fully close over the window as if they were real. Many people get ones that are too small or skinny so it just ends up looks off. If you’re going to add architectural detail, do it right.


Corner Fireplaces

Fireplaces used to be the most vital feature in a house. They were used to keep the home and the family that lived in there, warm and alive. These days’ fireplaces aren’t necessary for survival, even in colder areas like Toronto. But they’re still a staple. Unfortunately, a few years ago people started putting fireplaces in the corner. Corner fireplaces are just a hassle to design around these days. It makes defining a focal point difficult. It makes arranging furniture hard. And it often just looks odd. So when designing your custom home, avoid that mistake and don’t put the fireplace in the corner.


Sunken Living Spaces

Sunken living spaces, often living or dining rooms were huge back in the 1970’s. It was a common feature in many homes built then. These days it’s more of a hassle and a tripping hazard than a cool architectural feature. They never served any purpose, other than defining a space. Most people these days are getting rid of them in favor of a continuous open-concept layout. Sunken living spaces might seem cozy, but they’re a huge challenge when it comes to interior design, flooring, and furniture arranging.



No doubt there will be a few architectural design details that we use today that future generations will groan about too. That’s just how it goes with trends. To learn more about home building feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and to get starting building your dream custom home (sans plant ledge hopefully!).