Should You Purchase House Plans Online- Sina Architectural Design


If you’re looking to build a new home, there are a number of different ways to get plans for it. You could go with an architect that would make custom home plans to fit your lot and family. You could go with a tract builder that has a few different layouts to choose from. Or you could buy your home plans online. There are pros and cons to each, but online plans are the riskiest. Here’s what you should know about them before you deiced which route to take.


They Aren’t Customized

Obviously, if you’re buying plans online you aren’t going the custom route. While it’s understandable that you might not be able to afford an architect, know that you can’t really make changes to online plans to fit your needs better. Purchasing and then changing online plans to fit your lot or needs typically ends up costing more than just hiring an architect to create them in the first place.


They Might Not Be Up To Code

Every country, city, and neighborhood has their own building codes that you’ll have to adhere to. Online plans might not take into account particular codes or guidelines for your local region. Bringing the plans up to code for your area could end up costing more than you expected.


No Lot Consideration

People often forget to think about their lot when designing a home. Not accounting for your lot size or location can lead to a badly built house, even if you feel the interior works for you. Maybe it means your living room stays dark all the time while your bedroom gets uncomfortably bright and hot. Maybe the plans don’t account for the incline on your lot or the busy road.


They’re Not The Best Laid Out

The important thing to recognize is that online plans are stock plans. They’re generic and subpar usually. The designer of them didn’t take the time to really design the plans well. They’re usually just trying to churn out as many acceptable plans as possible. But acceptable doesn’t mean good. Sure the plans you see online might check all your boxes, but that doesn’t mean it will really work well.


Can Lead To Miscommunication

When you get plans from an architect or even a tract builder, they have the advantage of knowing the plans they’re building. Either they created them, built multiple of them, or work alongside the person that did. This means if there are any issues or changes that come up, they can efficiently work on them. With online plans though, your builder might not understand them, which could lead to costly mistakes.


They’re Over Priced

While the plans you look at online might seem like a bargain, usually they’re overpriced for what you’re getting. The moment you begin to make changes to a plan it increases the cost. And if you accept them as they are, usually you’re accepting lower quality work. So just remember, the price you’re paying usually isn’t worth what you get for it.


They Don’t Account For Plumbing and Electrical

Stock plans online might show you where walls and doors go, but most don’t account for plumbing and electrical. This again can pose problems. If plumbing can only go certain places due to your lot, but the plans don’t account for that, your builder is stuck.


They’re A Good Starting Off Point

Looking at house plans online has its pros too. Online plans are good as a starting off point. Take a look at some, see what you like and don’t like about them. Then take that info and feedback to your builder.



Online plans aren’t anything we recommend. Even if you can’t go custom, online plans aren’t quite the bargain they appear to be. The amount of money and level of work it takes to make generic online plans work for your lot and family is usually more than people expect. So go online for ideas and inspiration, but be sure to work with someone in person when building your home. Contact us if you want to get started building your dream custom home or if you have any questions.