8 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom- Sina Architectural Design


Home design trends come and go. Chances are if you built your custom home a few years ago you’re not starting to feel like certain elements are outdated. That is inevitable, but the good news is that there are a few quick and simple ways to refresh rooms. If your bathroom is looking a little run down, here are a few easy ways to update it.


1. Add or Swap Out Cabinet Hardware and Faucets

It might seem silly, but cabinet hardware and faucets go through style trends too. One year cooler metallic like chrome or stainless steel are in and the next it’s all about copper and gold. The current trend is to do a mix of metallics. If you’re looking for a quick upgrade though, add knobs or pulls to your cabinet if they’re missing them. Or swap out your dated brass faucets for something more modern like chrome.


2. Upgrade Your Lighting Fixture

We often recommend people to not buy super expensive lighting fixtures, especially in areas like bathrooms. The reason why is that lighting trends come and go quickly, and this is a super easy way to instantly upgrade a room. So change out your old light for something more in line with today’s trends. Sometimes even just swapping out your yellowish bulbs for LED ones can make a huge difference.


3. Paint The Walls

Ah paint, the best and easiest way to refresh any room. Sometimes a room isn’t so much outdated as it’s just stale. Doing something new is exciting and fresh. So head on over to the paint store and pick out a stunning new color. Don’t forget to touch up your trim too if it’s taken a beating.


4. Frame Out Your Mirror

People often underestimate how mirrors can impact a room, but in bathrooms, they’re super important. A few years ago the trend was to put in simple frameless mirrors. Today that tends to look unfinished and screams “builder grade”. Luckily mirrors are super easy to swap out or even refinish by framing them out. It makes a huge difference, trust us.


5. Dress Up Your Window

If you have a window in your bathroom, you probably are concerned about privacy. Don’t just throw any window covering on though. Pick out some nice curtains, some fancy shutters, or an elegant Roman shade. Dressing up your windows is really easy, but it makes a room feel complete and stylish.


6. Deep Clean It

Bathrooms get grimy quick thanks to how often they’re used, the soapy products, and near-constant moisture. You probably clean your bathroom regularly (hopefully) but doing an occasional deep clean can really refresh the room. Clear away dust, scrub grout lines, and clean any scuffs. Never underestimate the power of a deep clean.


7. Add Art of Shelves

Bathrooms don’t get the attention they deserve when it comes to decoration. Add interest to your walls with some artwork. Or take advantage of the often forgotten about space above the toilet by putting in some cute and functional shelves.


8. Coordinate Accessories

A simple way to successfully decorate a bathroom is to use matching colored towels and rugs. It creates a cohesive design that super easy to build off of. Whatever color you want in your bathroom, add it through hand towels or a bath mat. Not only do these add style, they’re also functional so it’s a win-win.



Creating a timeless custom home is hard because design trends can change so rapidly. Luckily it’s really easy to update rooms like bathrooms with a few simple changes. As long as there are good bones there, the rest is all about how you want to dress it up. If you have any questions or want to get started building your dream custom home feel free to contact us.