It’s sweater weather in Toronto, which means winter is quickly approaching. Winter is one of the toughest seasons on a home, both inside and out. Your home should be a place to get cozy and warm once the icy weather sets in, so make sure your home is ready! Here are a few tips to get your home ready for the cold.


1. Have your heating system professionally serviced

A routine check of your furnace or heating system is recommended. They’re not expensive and the professionals can make sure that your system is running properly and efficiently. The last thing you want is your heat to stop working in the dead of winter, especially since holidays mean a repair may take time.


2. Inspect for leaks

Heat loss can lead to a cold home and higher heating bills. Make sure to check all your windows and doors for leaks. Replace any worn weather strips around doorframes if needed.


3. Get the chimney swept

If your fireplace has a chimney make sure to get it properly cleaned before using it. You want to ensure the vents and chimney is properly cleaned and in good condition before you begin using it. A clean chimney can prevent fires and carbon monoxide build up in your home.


4. Clean out gutters

It’s important to clear your eaves of any debris such as leaves, dirt, and sticks. Clogged gutters can prevent rain and melting snow from draining, which can result in your home getting leaks. Also be sure to check that your downspout is extended away from your home so that water runs away and not towards your foundation.


5. Inspect the roof

When cleaning your gutters give your roof a quick inspection. See if there are any missing, loose, or damaged shingles. Make sure to repair any damage before the winter snows begin as they can cause leaks.


6. Turn off outside faucets

Undrained water left in outside faucets can cause pipes to burst, leading to massive leaks. Disconnect your garden hose and drain any remaining water. Take this time to also shut off any outside water features. Also be sure to close down any outdoor pools for the winter!


7. Trim bushes and trees

Do some quick landscaping before you head inside for the winter. Trim back any bushes and trees that are overgrown. Overgrown landscaping can cause property damage, especially once the winter storms hit.


8. Put away outside toys and equipment

Before the snow comes, make sure your yard is clear of outside equipment and toys. Pick up dog and kid toys so that you don’t find them soggy come springtime. Also, begin to pack away any outdoor furniture that isn’t rated for winter!