Have you ever thought about how much daily wear your kitchen floor gets? Food splatter, daily walking, liquid spills and so much more. The flooring you put in your custom home kitchen should match the style of the room, but it should also be suitable for the type of use it will get in the space. Despite what many people think, not all flooring options are the same when it comes to kitchens. Here are the best and worst options for flooring in kitchens.


The Best Floors for Kitchens



Hardwood has been used in kitchens for decades. It’s the most classic material choice for any kitchen style. Some people are scared of using real wood in kitchens because wood can warp around water. This is true, but leaks in kitchens are rare. If scrapes and dents are what scare you remember that real hardwood can be refinished multiple times! Engineered wood is also a great option as it’s slightly more durable than real hardwood, however, it cannot be refinished later on. Hardwood is a great option if you have an open concept layout with wood in other rooms too. It creates a seamless and classic look that will look good for years to come.



Tile is another classic option. Tile is pretty durable, although it can chip depending on the material so if you drop pots a lot maybe go another route. Travertine and porcelain tile are two of the most popular choices in materials for kitchens. Tile is great because it’s water-resident and comes in many styles and colors. The only downside is that it can be cold in Toronto’s icy winters.



We know the word “vinyl” makes people shutter. But this material has come a very long way since it was used back in the ’70s. These days LVP (luxury vinyl planks) looks very real. It’s waterproof, extremely durable, and it really looks great. It’s a fantastic option for homeowners that don’t want to break the bank or want the durability of tile without the coldness. For families with pets and kids, LVP is a really sound choice. You can also easily upgrade later on!


The Worst Floors for Kitchens



Marble is such a luxurious material and one of our favorites as custom home builders. We get tons of clients that want it in their home, but we also caution them to research this material first. Marble is a naturally porous stone, which means it will scratch and stain very easily. Due to the high probability of some food dropping on the floor, we don’t typically recommend it for kitchens unless people are okay with patina and imperfections.



Laminate flooring is great, but it does have its downfalls. Although laminate is very durable to scratches and dents, it does not hold up well to water at all. Some people find that even letting a small puddle of liquid stay on it briefly can cause warping. And unlike hardwood, laminate cannot be refinished later on. Companies that make laminate also stop producing specific lines within a year or two, so the chances of finding replacement boards is low.



Carpet is by far the worst material to use for kitchen floors. While the softness under feet might sound appealing while cooking, we do not suggest it. Carpet soaks up liquids and stains easily. Almost everything dropped on the floor would hurt it in some way. Instead, use rugs for some softness!