The entryway of your home is often the first impression people get when they visit. It’s often one of the most used spaces in a home but isn’t always heavily considered during the design phase. In snowy areas like Toronto, the entryway is a vital transition point between outside and inside, so here are a few tips for designing a perfect entryway for your custom home!


Think of Storage

Storage is one of the most important things in any home. You can never have too much of it! In places like Toronto where we get all four seasons, having storage right near the front door is especially important. Not only does this give you a place to put boots, umbrellas, and coats, it also provides a place for your guests to leave their winter gear when visiting as well!


Consider Overall Style

The entryway is the introduction to your home. A good custom home should have flow to it. When each room has a distinct style, a home can feel disjointed and poorly planned. When designing your entryway, make sure it reflects the overall style of the home. It could be ultra-modern or super traditional, whatever you like!


Prioritize Practicality

Due to the entryway being the first thing people see when visiting, many people spend a lot of time trying to make the area look good. This is great, but an entryway needs to be practical as well. Make sure there is enough storage, that there is a place to put on or take off shoes, and whatever else you need!


Don’t Overcrowd

A common mistake people make when designing their entryways is to overcrowd the area. You don’t need a console, a mirror, four pieces of artwork, plants, a bench, and a coat rack! Most homes, even large custom homes, can’t fit all that. The entryway is a prime point of entry and exit, which means it should be clear of clutter. Make sure your entryway can be easily navigated and remove anything that overcrowds the space.


Make a Statement

As we said, the entryway is the first impression of your home, which is why we suggest you make some sort of statement. Whether it’s a glittery light fixture, an awesome piece of art or a bold paint color make the most of your entryway. Let it show off your home’s personality!


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