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Homes are one aspect that has seen many trends, and the kitchen is often where these trends are most heavily reflected. The 90’s saw a surge of oak. The early 2000’s were all about multi-colored mosaic backsplashes. These days one of the tops trends in kitchen design is open shelving and storage. While these can be great, there are some drawbacks to them. Let’s look at the pros and cons of open shelves in custom home kitchens.


Pros of Open Shelving


Easy Access

One of the best parts about open shelving is the easy access. Need a bowl? It’s right there! This makes working in a kitchen area a lot easier. You no longer have to go diggings around the spice cabinets or looking for that one bowl you swear is in that cabinet. Everything is right on display for taking!


Better for Budget

Cabinetry is one of the most expensive elements in kitchen design. If you’re looking for ways to save consider open shelving. Open shelving can be expensive, but it’s often much more cost-effective than cabinets, even well-crafted shelves!


Open Design

For Toronto custom homes where spaces tend to be smaller, open shelving is great. It creates a more open design, making the kitchen feel larger and airier. It’s should be no surprise that open design is big these days, from open-concept layouts to open storage!



Cons of Open Shelving


Clutter on Display

Open shelving looks so tantalizing on Pinterest, but in reality, it only works well if everything matches and is well organized. If you opt for open shelving be prepared to spend some money on attractive storage containers and new dishes. Mismatched items can make the shelves look cluttered, which defeats the purpose of them entirely.


Extra Cleaning

A major issues with open shelving is the cleanup. While everyday items such as cups and plates probably won’t accumulate much dust, items that aren’t used every week will. Be prepared to have to clean them before use. Then there’s the issue of grease. Open shelving near stovetops is a big no-no, because cooking grease will splatter all over.


Prioritize Pretty

The reality of open shelving is that you have to prioritize pretty, often times over practicality. That means matching dishes, cute storage containers, and everything needs to be organized. Doing this is theory is easy, but in reality, it can be hard. There are so many little items in kitchens that may not look great openly displayed but are still needed.


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