When building a custom home, you’ll probably have to consider how many bathrooms you want in the house. There are actually many different types of bathrooms out there, and selecting the right type is just as important as where to place them or how many to build. Here’s what you need to know.


4-Piece Bathroom

Most bathrooms these days are 4-piece bathrooms. This means that they have a toilet, sink, shower, and a bathtub. The shower and bathtub can either be separate or a combo. This type of bathroom is great for guest or kid bathrooms, or master baths that have enough room for all of the elements.


3-Piece Bathroom

A 3-piece bathroom is almost identical to a 4 piece except that it has only a shower or only a tub instead of both. These days many people are renovating their homes to remove their shower-tub combos or overly large tubs and installing a larger shower.


Compartment Bathroom

A compartment bathroom is a great option if you ever have two people that need the space at the same time. Typically a compartment bathroom has the toilet and shower/tub separate from the sink area by a door. Another popular way to utilize this type is to have a toilet room inside a larger bathroom. This is a common option for custom home master bathrooms.


Powder Room

A powder room, also known as a half-bath or 2-piece bathroom, is a bathroom that just has a toilet and sink. These are commonly used by guests and found by living areas. Powder rooms are great and many people try to include them in their custom homes.


Ensuite Bathroom

An ensuite bathroom is a bathroom that is attached to a bedroom. Master bedrooms with attached ensuites are common these days and highly sought after. Most people include this type in their custom homes. This style has more privacy than a hall bathroom.


Jack and Jill Bathrooms

Jack and Jill bathrooms were huge in the 1970s, but are not as popular these days due to privacy issues. This type of bathroom has two doors that connect to separate bedrooms. It can also include a third door to a hallway.


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