Pros and Cons of Appliance Garages

As custom home builders, one of the top requests we get when building Toronto homes is kitchen storage. It’s amazing how many tools, small appliances, and other utensils get stored in the kitchen. In order for a custom home kitchen to look beautiful and function well, everything needs a spot.


Appliance garages were very popular a few years ago, but have since fallen out of fashion in kitchen design. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing one in your kitchen?


Pros of Appliance Garages


Additional Storage

When designing a kitchen, we encourage our clients to make sure that everything has a home. While it’s easy to design a spot for plates and spices, many people often forget about their small appliances. Appliance garages provide storage for appliances such as blenders and toasters that might not be sued every day, but frequently enough that you don’t want them in a hard to reach spot.


Dedicated Space

Any storage in a kitchen is great, but it’s even better to have storage specifically dedicated to certain items. Appliances garages are designed to fit small appliances. Many people even opt to hide their microwaves inside them. No longer will you have to scramble around trying to remember where you put the rice cooker.


Convenient Location

Appliance garages are typically located in convenient locations within the kitchen to prevent you from having to dig in the pantry or climb on top of the cabinets. However, be sure that you don’t place your appliance garage in the wrong spot. It shouldn’t be taking away valuable countertop space or located in a high traffic area.


Cons of Appliance Garages


Loss of Countertop Space

A huge downside of appliance garages is that they have to be placed on the countertop. Typically it involves the top cabinets going all the way to the countertop. This means that you will have to sacrifice useable countertop space for this storage. Most people prefer to keep as much countertop space as possible and use storage elsewhere.


Lack of Flexibility

Daily used appliances are often kept in specific spots in people’s kitchens. Maybe you always have your coffee maker next to the fridge or keep your blender by the sink. However, if the need ever arises you can move these. Appliance garages don’t provide that flexibility. They’re stuck in the same spot.


Dated Design

Appliances garages were very popular years ago, which means that unfortunately these days they can read dated. It doesn’t help that most appliance garages are stuck with the same design. This storage also tends to get stuck, especially if you have the roller door option. If you’re set on an appliance garage, look for a more updated design!


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