Custom Home Trends You’ll See in 2020- Sina Architectural Design | Toronto Custom Home Builder

Trends aren’t just for fashion. Home building also tends to go through trends and phases. Some come and go quickly while others become a staple for years. As a custom home builder, it’s always fun when new trends pop up as it allows us to try new things and adopt new styles. Here are some custom home building trends you’ll start seeing more of this year.


Rise of Industrial Style

The modern farmhouse trend is finally dying down. It has been hugely popular in home building the past few years, but now people are gravitating towards industrial styles. Industrial style homes fit particularly well in the urban environment of Toronto. This style uses simple lines, and natural or recycled materials such as concrete, wood, iron, and aluminum.


Open and Multipurpose Spaces

Open concept homes aren’t a new trend, but now that people are used to them, home builders have begun to explore the idea more by creating open multipurpose spaces. Homes in the GTA are often limited in space, so multipurpose spaces are a great way to get the most out of your home.


Quiet and Private Areas

A big downfall of open concept homes is that there is little privacy which is often needed. Homes lately have been doing a mix of both, having open public living areas but still designing a few rooms that are quiet and private. With the pandemic forcing many people to work from home, having a dedicated home office will become more essential in home building moving forward.


Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly important for people when building their dream custom home. Toronto only has a few warm months, but people want homes that allow them to enjoy it while they can. Indoor-outdoor living concepts are growing in popularity. People are also adding elements such as fire pits that can be used all year round.


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