One of the first things we ask new custom home clients during the design stage is whether they like a more traditional closed off floor plan, or the more currently popular open concept layouts. While open concept layouts may be more popular these days, they’re not always the best option. People should really consider how they live and whether an open concept compliments that. Here are a few pros and cons of this type of custom home floor plan.





The kitchen is the heart of the home, and most families spend a good amount of time in that area. Being able to have sightlines into other areas of the home are highly desirable for many people. Families with young children especially like the good sightlines open concept provides.



If you are someone that likes entertaining then open concept may be the right option for you. Open concept allows people to flow through the kitchen, living, and dining rooms with ease. It means there’s more space, the host isn’t missing out while preparing food, and conversation flows more easily. Overall, open concept provides a more easy-going causal entertainment style.



Natural light is key to a good custom home design. But some rooms may just not get as much light, that’s where open concept is a good thing. Light from one room can flood into the dark areas, sharing natural light.



Walls not only take up space but they also can make a home feel smaller by chopping up space. Having fewer walls like in an open concept design is a great way to make a space feel larger. So if you’re building on a smaller lot or aiming for a smaller home consider going for open concept to keep it from feeling too cramped.





A downside of walls is that they block sightlines, but they also keep noises away. Open concept homes tend to be louder. This can be difficult if you have kids, are watching TV, or trying to have a conversation. Noise is a major reason some people opt for the more traditional closed off floor plans.



Some people love having their kitchen and living room open, but for others that just means their mess is on display. Even the best of us have messy homes sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we want guests to see it. With an open concept home people feel the pressure to keep spaces tidier, which not everyone wants.


Lack of Definition

Walls not only support a home, but they also help define each room. A common issue people in open concept homes struggle with is how to define each space by its purpose. There are ways to do this, but it can still be a challenge. With a traditional closed floor plan each space has a clear boundary, which makes it easier for design purposes.


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