Being a custom home builder is a fun and exciting job. It’s a chance to express creativity while also producing something that will be so personal to our clients. As great as the job is, there are some things clients often do that just drive home builders crazy.


1. Asking Us to Build Internet Plans

We understand that clients look for inspiration for their home online. But while gathering some ideas from online stock plans is one thing, it’s another to ask us to pretty much recreate it. Many online home plans not good, it’s plagiarizing (even if we make adjustments), plus it defeats the entire purpose of hiring a custom home builder!


2. Expect us to Answer 24/7

Most custom home builders love their job, but at the end of the day, that’s what it is- a job. We know that it’s much more to our clients, so we try to be accommodating and answer questions as quickly as possible. Even so, we like to maintain boundaries and spend time with our own friends and family. Home builders will try to respond as soon as possible, but if you don’t hear from us right away don’t keep email, calling, or texting us.


3. Controlling Everything

If you’ve hired a custom home builder, trust that they’ll do their job. We don’t mind if clients have questions or concerns, but if every single decision is being second-guessed it begins to frustrate us. We’re not out to scam you, we promise! Trust us to do our job, at least until we prove you otherwise.


4. Constantly Change Your Mind

The custom home building process is a lot of back and forth. We take your wants and needs, create a plan and then we make adjustments from there. We’re more than open to changing things, but at a certain point, some things can’t be altered. Having clients that change their mind about everything can be frustrating, especially when they then blame us for delays or extra costs.


5. Having No Opinions

For most custom home builders, our favorite clients are the ones that know what they want. They’re confident in their choices and have a clear vision. We also love clients have are open to new ideas and collaborating. But the most frustrating clients are the ones that have no ideas and expect you to work off of that. We want our clients to love the final product, but that’s hard to achieve if we don’t know what you love!


Final Thoughts

Even though we have a few complaints, overall we love being custom home builders. Our clients are why we keep doing this. There’s nothing quite like seeing a client enter their completed custom home for the first time. Although the journey is sometimes bumpy, the destination is always worth it! Contact us if you’re interested in building your dream custom home today!