Selecting paint colors for your custom home is one of the most challenging parts of home design. There are so many color options it can easily get overwhelming. One of the first choices homeowners have to make is whether to go for a neutral or a color. That’s why our custom home builders love navy. Navy paint is like denim jeans, it is both a color and a neutral. It has a bold yet classic feel to it that won’t go out of style quickly. There are lots of navy paints out there though so here are a few of our favorites that we use in our custom homes!


BM Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore has some of our favorite navy blue paints, but BM Hale Navy is on the top of the list. It’s a traditional take on navy, which is why it’s so popular. It leans slightly gray, which is why it works so well as a neutral.


SM Naval

The second most popular navy blue paint we use is Sherwin Williams Naval. It’s the perfect dark deep navy that will stand the test of time. It’s the perfect balance between bold and sophisticated. SW Naval is also deep enough that it doesn’t read childish, which is another bonus.


BM New York State of Mind

This color is a brighter take on navy that leans more towards cobalt. It’s a little bolder than a traditional navy, but if you want a navy that acts more like a color this is the perfect shade. It’s still subdued enough that it won’t overtake a room, which is great.


SW Salty Dog

If you’re looking for the perfect nautical navy blue this is a great color. Salty Dog isn’t as dark as other navys but its slight sea-green tint makes it a stunning color that looks great in any room. It can read a little bright in some rooms so test it first!


BM Stunning

If you want a traditional navy then you should definitely take a look at BM Stunning. This navy has a slight grey-purple tint to it that gives the paint a beautiful faded look. It’s a great navy shade to pair with other colors.


BM Old Navy

BM Old Navy is a stunning dark navy shade. It’s rich and deep, making it the perfect shade for a more sophisticated room. It can read a bit dark depending on the room so make sure you have plenty of light.


FB Hague Blue

Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue is a more modern take on navy. It has a slight greenish tint to it, which can read strongly in certain lights. It more of a cross between a navy and a deep teal. It’s a fun take on traditional navy though.


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