Looking to maximize the amount of space in your custom home? In Toronto, it’s not always possible to expand outwards or upwards, which is when basements come in handy. Not all basements are the same though. There are many different types depending on the design and a home’s foundation. Here is a quick guide to the most popular types of basements out there!



As the name implies, a crawlspace is a small space beneath a house with enough room to crawl or stoop, but not stand. Crawlspaces aren’t a fully useable basement, but they do provide easy access to things like plumping and utilities. They’re fully enclosed but may or may not be heated. Some are large enough to be used as storage spaces, but you won’t be hanging out down there.


Full Basement

A full basement is the most common type of basement you’ll find in Toronto homes. It’s what most people picture when they hear the word. Full basements are high enough to stand in. Older homes may have full basements that aren’t tall enough to walk around in comfortably, but these are still considered full basements. They’re called a full basement because they match the entire footprint of the house above. A full basement may or may not be finished and count as liveable space.


Part Basement

Instead of having the same footprint as the home above, a part basement only extends under a portion of the entire home. Many homes in Toronto have part basements, and these may or may not have crawlspaces as well. Part basements are smaller, but can still be finished up and useable.



Not all homes have basements, depending on the type of foundation used. If a home has a slab foundation, the home sits directly on a concrete slab, with no room below. In this case it’s not possible to expand below, not without significant money and times.



For homes that are built on a hill or slope, a walkout basement is the answer. These basements have doors that allow one to simply walk outside without a full flight of stairs. These are considered highly valuable as they feel less like basements and more like full living spaces. They’re especially popular in lakeside properties and can add a lot of home value.


Finished Basement

All types of basements may be finished or unfinished. An unfinished basement tends to have exposed foundation, plumping, and other utilities on a bare slab. A finished basement however has drywall covering these elements. A finished basement can be considered liveable square footage, adding space and value to your home. They’re worth the money in Toronto where homes tend to be smaller.


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