If you walk into a home built in the 80s to early 2000s, you may notice a few features that you just won’t find in newly built homes. We’re not just talking about honey oak trim! There are tons of key features and architectural design choices that used to be standard, that our custom home builders find homeowners just don’t want anymore. Here they are!


Plant Ledges

Ah, plant ledges. An architectural feature that was supposed to solve the problem of  “where should I put this plant” but instead just became a never-ending dusting headache. Plant ledges were everywhere a few decades ago when it came to home design. These days, people are all about clean, smooth edges. They don’t want random niches and ledges that just make cleaning and decorating more difficult.


Jetted Tubs

It was a huge trend a couple of decades ago to put massive, usually jetted, tubs into master bathrooms. These monsters often occupied massive swaths of space in the rooms and were usually placed in the corner. While they were nice to relax in, these days, homeowners are opting for large walk-in showers in their custom homes.


China Hutch

Almost every grandparent and parents’ house are home to a large China hutch, which houses plates and crystal only brought out for special occasions. These days, most people are skipping receiving China and crystal on their wedding registry, negating the need for China hutches at all. This means more room in dining rooms and kitchens, not to mention more storage space!


Entertainment Centres

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, built-in large entertainment centers were all the rage. TVs were larger and cheaper than ever before, and people were all about putting in extra gadgets like DVD players and surround sound. Today, tech is a lot sleeker. There’s no need to dedicate space to large cabinetry when the TV is slimmer than a book.


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