Who doesn’t love a good booth at a restaurant? Their charm and comfort are a big reason why people jump on putting banquette seating in their custom homes. Banquette seating is a fixed seat or bench that is specifically designed to fit a space and typically designed to run along a wall. Before you ask your custom home builder to install banquet seating in your house, here are some advantages and disadvantages of this type of seating.


Pros of Banquette Seating


Comfy, Cozy, & Charming

People who love banquette seating often use a lot of choice “C” words to describe what they like about it- cozy, comfy, charming, and casual all come to mind. And it’s true! Banquette seating is perfect for casual lunches and cozy holiday breakfasts. It also adds a level of charm to an eating space that a traditional table and chairs just don’t have.


Fits Unique Spaces

Banquette seating is typically custom and designed to fit a unique space. This makes it a great solution if you have a tricky spot that won’t fit a table and chairs. For example, if you have a small breakfast nook that can’t accommodate chairs, building in a bench on one side is the perfect solution.


Seating Variety

If you have multiple eating areas in your home, you might eventually tire of chairs and a table. Banquette seating adds more variety and gives you the option of something more comfy and charming than you’d get at a dining table.


Cons of Banquette Seating


More Expensive

There’s always an additional cost to custom, and that is true with banquette seating as well. Due to it being custom-built to fit unique spaces, you’ll have to shell out more money to get it. This means it might be cost-prohibited for some people.


Difficult Exiting

Booths are fun, but not everyone enjoys them. A big reason people dislike banquette seating is that it can be difficult to enter and exit. This is particularly true for larger adults or those with mobility issues. Some people also just dislike how it makes them feel like a child.


Stuck in Spot

A big downside of banquette seating is that it locks you into a layout arrangement. Since they’re built in and customized to a space, it requires more time and money to alter or remove it later if you tire of it. Once you install a banquette seating, you’re pretty much stuck with it.


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