Toronto might be known for its towering condo building, but it has plenty of charming neighborhoods that are perfect for building a custom home. As home builders always say, though, location is the one thing you can’t change. Location becomes especially important when kids are involved. If a family-friendly neighborhood is on the top of your list for a new custom home, here are the best neighborhoods to look at!



Riverdale is a sprawling neighborhood on the east side of Midtown and got its name from Riverdale Park, a gorgeous green space with tons of activities. This location is the perfect location, with the Don River to the west, Danforth Avenue to the north, Lakeshore Boulevard to the south end, and Leslieville to the east. This neighborhood has a strong, quiet community feel while still having all the amenities of an urban setting. It’s also known for its excellent school district, so it’s perfect for families!


Bloor West Village

This area prides itself on being a small village in a big city. It’s home to families of all types and is one of the most pet-friendly areas. It’s a lively neighborhood full of quaint cafes and restaurants. It also has tons of parks and schools nearby.


The Beaches

The Beaches, known just as The Beach by locals, is located along Lake Ontario on the east side. It’s known as one of the top family-friendly neighborhoods for a number of reasons. It has a lot of parks and trails, in addition to the beaches. There’s a vibrant community in this area, and has a whopping 13 public schools in the area.



Located just south of Riverdale in the east end of Downtown Toronto is Leslieville. This is a popular family-friendly neighborhood due to the plentiful green space and great schools. It’s a trendier area, making it appealing to young families. It’s one of the city’s top foodie destinations, offering tons of eating options, and has lots of eclectic charm.


Forest Hill

Forest Hill is one of Toronto’s top neighborhoods, known for its million-dollar homes and rich residents. It’s famously where Drake lives and grew up. While a home here will cost you a pretty penny, it is in a great location, has wonderful schools, and has a tight community.


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