Building a custom home is an exciting and stressful process. While you’re thinking of budgets and design choices, all your new neighbors are thinking about is the noise and mess. Homeowners usually have the luxury of staying in another place while their home is being built, but your neighbors don’t have that. While construction can’t be avoided, here are some things you can do to make it easy on those in your area so that you don’t make enemies before even moving in.


Respect Noise Laws

Most neighborhoods and cities will have designated hours where construction can take place so that excessive noise isn’t happening too early or late in the day. Some home builders will push these boundaries by starting earlier and ending later to try to stick to the schedule. While you may be on board for this, your neighbors won’t. Make sure your home builder and crew are following all noise level bylaws; otherwise, your neighbors may be forced to file against them, which could just delay construction.


Keep Mess to a Minimum

Construction is a messy business, there is no getting around that. However, it’s important that you hire a builder that will keep the job site as clean as possible. This included keeping debris, trash, and tools on your own property. If you have to bring dumpsters or bathrooms on the construction site, make sure they’re kept tidy and don’t infringe on your neighbor’s space.


Give Them a Heads Up

Homeowners only need the city’s permission to build, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a nice idea to discuss it with your neighbors beforehand. Go over to a few houses, introduce yourself, and apologize for the upcoming noise. If you want to be extra nice, you can try to accommodate their schedules if it’s reasonable, for example, not starting until 8 am instead of 7 am on Tuesday because they have an important meeting.


Home construction will always have a degree of stress for everyone involved, but if you follow these three simple tips when building your custom home, your neighbors will welcome you with open arms once construction is complete. If you’re looking to build your dream home, contact us today! Our team of custom home builders is ready to make your dream house a reality.