Toronto Custom Home Cabinet Hardware Finish


It’s the small things that make the largest impact in a custom home. The type of hardware used on cabinets may seem small, but it’s the details that make a custom home so special. Picking the right cabinet hardware finish can make a home feel complete and tie together all the larger elements. Here are the most popular styles custom home builders in Toronto have been using lately.


Antique Brass

Antique brass is a classic finish that works great with lighter cabinets as the metal sticks out more and is able to shine. Warmer metals, like brass, have been making a comeback lately. Antique brass is great because it’s not as bright as polished brass. It’s also incredibly durable and gives a classic look to a home. The classic nature of it means it’s not suitable for more modern style homes, but it looks great in traditional or more rustic inspired houses.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Antique Brass


Black isn’t exactly a metal, but blackened metals are a bold choice that makes a statement. The color is very versatile, meaning it goes well with many kitchen styles. While black is certainly eye-catching, it’s also neutral enough to not draw too much attention away from other features. They stand out more when paired with lighter cabinets, but they also work when paired with darker cabinets as well. Black cabinet hardware can be paired with both contemporary and traditional designs, but it’s not always recommended in homes with young children as the black color shows sticky finger marks.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Black


Iron has a deep gray color that goes well with a variety of styles. Iron can be almost as dark as black, or as light as stainless steel depending on the type chosen. It’s a more subtle hardware finish and it mostly used in more traditional style homes. Iron hardware works nicely with darker cabinetry, and it will stand up well to tougher treatment. If you’re not looking to swap out your hardware regularly, iron is the way to go, as the classic color is likely to stay in style.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Iron

Old Antique

Old antique hardware will give any custom home kitchen a distinctive and individualized look. The unique color this finish has is a huge draw for people. This style of hardware works better in less modern homes, but it’s really able to pull together a room.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Old Antique

Old Copper

If you want a hardware finish that not many homes have then old copper is for you. The distinctive color is a special find for sure. The antique feel of it feels reminiscent of the copper pots that were once staples in kitchens. If you would use words like “unique” or “funky” to describe your style then this is the finish for you. If you have other copper elements in your kitchen this hardware finish could work to tie them all together.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Old Copper

Polished Brass

If you’re looking for a warm, bright, and cheerful hardware finish polished brass is the one. It adds a sparkle to any kitchen. The warm shade goes well with both light and dark cabinets. There has been a surge in popularity for brass in recent years, so this finish is very on trend. The great thing about polished brass is that it compliments other metallic finished, like stainless steel, well so you don’t have to worry about trying to match it.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Polished Brass

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome can help brighten any kitchen. Like Polished Brass, it’s a versatile finish as it works with other finishes. Since many kitchens use chrome faucets already, this hardware can give a uniform look. Chrome also works well with any style from ultra modern to very traditional.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Polished Chrome

Polished Nickel

Nickel is one of the most durable metals out there. It’s similar to chrome but has a slightly softer color. The color of nickel makes it offset nicely on nearly any color, especially darker ones. Nickel is more understated than Chrome or Brass, making it the perfect hardware if you’re looking to make it blend in. It’s hard to find a style out there that polished nickel doesn’t work with. It’s considered the chameleon of cabinet hardware finished amongst custom home builders.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Polished Nickel

Silver Satin

Silver satin is a little more understated than chrome is. Like nickel, it’s a softer color that compliments almost every cabinet color. If you like the look of chrome but want a less shiny option, silver satin is the answer. This finish looks beautiful with darker cabinets, especially cherry cabinets.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Silver Satin

Venetian Bronze

Venetian bronze is darker than some of the other finishes but it reflects light well. If you have darker cabinets and don’t want much contrast this is the ideal finish. This finish is often confused with oil-rubbed bronze, but it has a lighter color with a matte finish. This hardware finish works best with traditional, classic, or rustic style homes.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Venetian Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze hardware is chemically darkened to stimulate the natural aging process of bronze. It’s a darker finish, but the color can vary from a deep brown to a dark gray. It usually has copper undertones though. This finish can be a little difficult to match with, but it looks great in traditional or country homes.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Oil Rubbed Bronze

Antique Pewter

Don’t let the name fool you because most of these aren’t real pewter. Instead, it’s typically darkened nickel plating. The matte finish is appealing for those that like the cooler metals, but don’t want the shine of chrome, nickel, or stainless steel. The finish color works well with a wide range of design styles.


Hardware Finish Custom Home Antique Pewter


There are tons of cabinet hardware finishes out there. No matter your style of cabinets, kitchen, or home there is hardware that will complement it. The great thing about cabinet hardware is that is can easily be swapped out later on as styles change. People are always surprised by how big of an impact such a small detail can have. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about custom home building in Toronto.