What Custom Home Builders Look For In Potential Clients


We spend a lot of time explaining what things clients should look for when selecting a builder for their custom home. But it’s not just clients that make the decision. Custom home builders select which clients they work with carefully. Building a home is a hard and long process, and having a poor pairing can end in disaster for everyone. That’s why home builders in Toronto look for these key things when selecting which potential clients to take on.


Response Time

Home builders know that their clients have a life outside of building their home. The builders and contractors do too! However, during construction issues can arise that need an immediate response. Builders and clients usually discuss this and come up with a plan in case this happens before starting. During the interview and planning stage though, if a builder has to send multiple messages in order to receive a response, that shows them that if the client isn’t responding in a timely manner now, they likely won’t during the building stage either. If a custom home builder can’t communicate with you, chances are they won’t be taking you on as a client.



This goes hand in hand with response time. There will be moments in a project when the builder will need you to come to the site or go looking for materials. Not all of that can happen on the weekend or during work hours. The builder and client will both have to be flexible for scheduling. If the builder feels like a client is unable or unwilling to be flexible with their time that’s someone that’s going to be hard to work with.



This is the clients’ home, but at the end of the day, you’re hiring a custom home builder because of the experience and knowledge they bring to the table. If you’re second-guessing or questioning every decision they make, that shows that you don’t trust them. It will also slow down their work. If a client doesn’t trust the builder, the whole process is going to be much harder than it has to be.



We love clients that are involved in the design process, and we’re more than happy to answer questions. There does need to be some boundaries though, and the client does have to understand they need to relinquish some control in order for us to do our jobs. Clients that nitpick over every detail or are over controlling are likely the clients’ builders pass over.



Sometimes a potential client will come in and the way they treat people is just…rude. Being courteous goes a long way in this industry. Building a home is an intensive process that requires a lot of communication and trust. If we feel a client is rude, chances are we’re not going to take them on. It would only lead to further issues for everyone.



Building a custom home, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, is expensive. Sometimes accepting or rejecting a project just comes down to budget. If we feel we can’t work within a client’s potential budget, it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to be honest about that. Also, if a client is unwilling to discuss the budget at all or follow the budget that they originally set, that sets off red flags for us.



By far one of the biggest things we look for in new clients is communication. Do they expect us to respond to text in the middle of the night? Do they know how to communicate what they want and why? Do they communicate in a polite manner? Are they quick to jump to assumptions or accusations? The key to a successful home building project is good communication, and if we feel that’s just not possible with a client we usually don’t end up pursuing it.



It all comes down to communication and connection at the end of the day. We like to work with clients that can express their thoughts in a polite manner and having a good report with them always helps. Remember, home builders are people too and it’s always important to treat them with the respect they deserve. Building can be stressful, we understand that, but maintaining a good relationship with your custom home builder is the best way is guarantee a beautiful home. Contact us to learn more or get started building your dream home today.